Kit Number
This kit fits 1993-2005 FXDWG and 1984 and later FXST models (except Springer® models and FXSTD) and 1999 and later FXSTB models. This kit does not fit with Chrome Lower Fork Sliders.
Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
3/16 inch hex wrench
Not Sold Separately
5/32 inch hex wrench
Not Sold Separately
Fork brace
Not Sold Separately
There are no Service Parts available with this kit.
1. Using the 3/16 inch hex wrench included with the kit, remove the four screws that hold the two outside clamp halves to the fork brace.
2. Using the 5/32 inch hex wrench included with the kit, loosen, but do not remove, the four buttonhead screws that secure the fork brace to the remaining clamp halves.
Use care not to scratch the fender while performing the following steps.
Figure 1. Positioning Fork Brace
3. See Figure 1. Position the fork brace, crossmember up, between the fork sliders so the clamp halves will clamp on the area just below the fork slider dust covers. Position the inside clamp halves just tight enough so they stay in position, but can still be rotated.
Figure 2. Installing Fork Brace Clamp Halves
4. See Figure 2. Loosely install the outside clamp halves.
5. By moving the fork brace from side to side and by rotating the fork slider clamps, make sure all components are square and in alignment. Snugly tighten the screws that hold the fork brace to the inside clamps first, then snugly tighten the screws holding the clamp halves together.