Dyna Mid-Frame Air Deflectors
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Kit Contents
See Figure 4 and Table 1.
For vehicles equipped with security siren:
  • 2007 and later: Verify that the Hands-Free Fob is present.
  • 2006 and earlier: Disarm the siren with the key fob.
  • ALL vehicles: Turn the ignition key switch to IGNITION.
For Vehicles With Main Fuse:
To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove main fuse before proceeding. (00251b)
  1. See the owner's manual and remove the main fuse.
1. See owner's manual and remove seat.
2. Remove the fuel tank rear mounting hardware. Save the washers and acorn nut for later installation.
3. See Figure 1. Install the left and right mounting brackets with the mounting hardware in the following order: Screw (1), stock washer (2), left bracket (3), spacer (5), tank, frame, tank, spacer (5), right bracket (4), stock washer (2), acorn nut (6).
4. See Figure 2. Install the left air deflector as follows:
a. Remove and retain ignition coil mounting screws (1).
b. Position the left mid-frame air deflector (4) over the ignition coil mounting holes.
c. Install the ignition coil (2) over the mid-frame air deflector (4) and secure it with the previously removed screws (1).
d. Install screw (3) and mid-frame air deflector (4) to the left mounting bracket (5). Do not tighten Screw.
2Washer, stock (2)
3Left mounting bracket
4Right mounting bracket
5Spacer (2)
6Acorn nut
Figure 1. Install Mounting Brackets to Fuel Tank Mount
1Screw (2)
2Ignition coil
4Left mid-frame air deflector
5Left mounting bracket
Figure 2. Install Left Mid-Frame Air Deflector
5. See Figure 3. Install the right mid-frame air deflector as follows:
a. For models with an exhaust actuator: Remove and discard the original equipment screws and washers that mount the exhaust actuator to the battery box.
b. Install the right air deflector to the battery box. For models with an exhaust actuator: Install screws (7), washers (6), right mid-frame air deflector (2), short spacers (4) and exhaust actuator to the battery box. Do not tighten screws. For models without an exhaust actuator: If present, pull the cable strap from the threaded hole in the front face of the battery box to expose the hole and free the unused exhaust actuator connection wiring. Use the cable straps provided in the kit to relocate and retain the wiring along the battery cable. (Verify clearance to the engine/exhaust.) Install screws (7), washers (6), mid-frame air deflector (2) and long spacer (5) to the battery box. Do not tighten screw.
c. Install screw (3) and mid-frame air deflector (2) to the right mounting bracket (1). The front mounting tab of the mid-frame air deflector should be positioned above the ABS brake lines, if equipped. Do not tighten screws.
6. Tighten mounting bracket screw to 20.3–27.1 N·m (15–20 ft-lbs).
7. Tighten battery box screws to 4.1–5.1 N·m (36–45 in-lbs).
8. Tighten front mid-frame air deflector mounting screws to 2.8–3.4 N·m (25–30 in-lbs).
9. See owner's manual and install seat.
10. See the owner's manual and install the main fuse.
1Right bracket
2Right air deflector
4Spacer, short (2)
5Spacer, long (2)
6Washer (2)
7Screw (2)
Figure 3. Install Right Mid-Frame Air Deflector
Figure 4. Service Parts: Dyna Mid-Frame Air Deflectors
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Mid-frame air deflector, left
Mid-frame air deflector, right
Mounting bracket, left
Not Sold Separately
Mounting bracket, right
Not Sold Separately
Screw, 0.312-18 x 4.0 in
Not Sold Separately
Spacer, 0.33 ID x 0.69 OD x 0.11 in thick (2)
Not Sold Separately
Screw, socket head, #10-24 x 1-1/4 in, stainless steel (2)
Not Sold Separately
Screw, socket head, 1/4-20 x 1-1/4 in (2)
Not Sold Separately
Washer, 0.26 ID x 0.5 OD x 0.03 in thick (2)
Not Sold Separately
Spacer, long, 0.26 ID x 0.5 OD x 0.73 in (2)
Not Sold Separately
Spacer, short, 0.26 ID x 0.5 OD x 0.34 in (2)
Not Sold Separately
Cable strap (2)
Not Sold Separately