Kit Number
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Kit Contents
The kit contains the motorcycle cover alarm.
  • Prior to installing cover locate the alarm sleeves sewn into the cover. Locate the sleeve that provides the best access for the alarm tether to connect to a fixed part of the motorcycle such as a wheel spoke, brake disc or frame member.
  • Two sleeves are provided in each cover. One in the front of the cover and one in the rear.
  1. See Figure 1. Insert the snap swivel (1) and tether strap (2) of the alarm system (4) through the opening in the corner of the sleeve (3).
  2. See Figure 2. Continue threading the tether strap through the opening until the alarm unit is fully in the pocket and the tether strap is freely hanging from the pocket corner opening. Be careful not to pull the tether so much that the tether pin is pulled from the alarm unit as this will activate the alarm.
  3. Install the cover.
  4. Once the cover is installed, the alarm contained within the sleeve should be on the inside of the cover, next to the motorcycle. Locate the sleeve that contains the alarm and lift the cover to expose the tether strap and snap swivel. Attach the snap swivel to a fixed point on the motorcycle and carefully lower cover. Cover alarm is armed and ready.
1Snap swivel
2Tether strap
Figure 1. Cover Alarm
Figure 2. Alarm in Sleeve
2Front brake disc
3Snap swivel
Figure 3. Installed Alarm
  • To remove the cover without activating the alarm, reach under the cover at the location of the alarm and detach the snap swivel prior to removing the cover.
  • In the event that you should accidentally activate the alarm you will need to replace the alarm plug that is connected to the tether in the plug receptacle on the alarm. This may require you to locate the plug receptacle through the corner hole of the alarm pocket in order to insert the plug.
  • The alarm uses a 9V battery. To replace battery remove the two screws on the back of the alarm. To test the battery, slide the switch on the side of the alarm while the pin is engaged.