Chrome Jiffy Stand Kit For VRSC
Kit Number
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A Service Manual for your model motorcycle is available from a Harley-Davidson Dealer.
Additional Parts Required
Loctite® Anti-Seize Lubricant (Harley-Davidson Part Number 98960-97) is available from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Assembly, jiffy stand leg
Not Sold Separately
Pin, clevis (chrome)
Not Sold Separately
Pin, cotter
Block or jack vehicle under frame in a way that the vehicle will not fall over. Failure to properly block and/or raise the vehicle could result in death or serious injury. (00462c)
1. Block motorcycle underneath so jiffy stand is raised off the ground.
2. See Figure 1. On left side of motorcycle under jiffy stand, remove and discard the cotter pin (2) securing clevis pin (1) in mounting bracket.
1Pin, clevis
2Cotter pin
3Hook, spring
4Leg, jiffy stand
Figure 1. Jiffy Stand Components
3. Carefully remove spring hooks (3) from leg (4) and frame tabs. Save spring for re-installation.
4. Remove clevis pin by pulling up through mounting bracket. It may be necessary to gently tap on clevis pin from bottom to aid in removal. Discard clevis pin.
5. Pull out jiffy stand leg being careful not to lose bronze bushings. Discard jiffy stand but save bronze bushings.
6. Obtain new chrome jiffy stand leg from kit.
Prior to installing jiffy stand in the following step, it is a good idea to apply a small amount of Loctite® Anti-seize (Harley-Davidson Part Number 98960-97) onto the new clevis pin.
7. See Figure 2. Make sure upper and lower bronze bushings (1) are in the correct position. Obtain new clevis pin from kit. Orient jiffy stand leg in mounting bracket (2) and install clevis pin.
1Bronze bushing (2)
2Jiffy stand mounting bracket
Figure 2. Jiffy Stand Mounting Bracket
8. See Figure 1. Obtain new cotter pin (2) from kit and install to clevis pin (1).
9. Carefully install spring hooks over leg and frame tabs.
The jiffy stand locks when placed in the full forward (down) position with vehicle weight on it. If the jiffy stand is not in the full forward (down) position with vehicle weight on it, the vehicle can fall over which could result in death or serious injury. (00006a)
Be sure jiffy stand is fully retracted before riding. If jiffy stand is not fully retracted, it can contact the road surface causing a loss of vehicle control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00007a)
Always park motorcycle on a level, firm surface. An unbalanced motorcycle can fall over, which could result in death or serious injury. (00039a)
10. Cycle jiffy stand up and down a few times. Make sure jiffy stand moves freely when retracted.
Jiffy stand should snap freely into the up and down positions.