Kit Number
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Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Bra, fuel tank
Not sold separately
Tape, anti-abrasion (2),
one inch (25.4 mm) square
Not sold separately
There are no Service Parts available with this kit.
To avoid scratching the fuel tank finish, first wash and wax the tank. Before placing the bra on the tank, check to make sure that the bra liner is free from any foreign objects that may scratch the tank surface.
Attach the strap around the frame tube only. Do not capture wires within the strap.
  1. Position the bra onto the rear of the tank, with the fleece side toward the tank and the Bar & Shield logo facing the rider. Route the shorter elastic strap at the back of the bra under the frame tube ONLY, and attach the S-hook at the end to the sewn loop at the other rear corner of the bra.
  2. Stretch the longer elastic strap over front edge of the fuel tank against the frame tube. Pull the bra to the rear of the tank, and fit the bra snugly around the end of the tank.
  3. Arrange the elastic strap under the fuel tank, and smooth out any wrinkles in the bra.
  4. Apply anti-abrasion tape to the bottom of fuel tank over the weld seam.
  • For earlier models WITH a fuel crossover tube: apply the tape on each side of the tank just in front of the fuel crossover tube. See Figure 1
  • For later models WITHOUT a fuel crossover tube: place the forward strap in its natural resting position around the tank. Note where the strap would rub against the tank on each side, and apply the tape to each side of the tank at those points to protect the paint finish from abrasion.
The tape should be positioned so it will remain between the tank and the elastic strap while riding.
Figure 1. Apply Tape Here (Earlier Models)
If the bra becomes wet, it should be removed from the tank and allowed to air dry.