Flag Sissybar Mount Kits
Kit Number
51512-02, 51511-02, 52764-90, 52744-94, 52513-94
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Flags are not intended for highway use. The construction of these flags will not hold up to the wind speeds seen at highway speeds. These flags are designed for parade use only.
Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Tie wrap (4)
Flag mast
Not Sold Separately
Not Sold Separately
1Flag mast
2Tie wraps
Figure 1. Exterior View of Installed Flag Mast
On some sissybars, removal of the pad will be necessary before installing the flag mast.
  1. See Figure 1. Install flag mast (1) with two tie wraps (2) as shown:
  • Remove the sissy bar pad, if necessary.
  • Hold the flag mast in desired position against sissy bar.
  • See Figure 2. Insert 2 tie wraps as shown (with the ends of the tie wraps against the interior side of the flag mast). Pull so that cable straps are as snug as possible and flag mast is securely fastened to the sissy bar. Trim cable tie (1) ends.
1Tie wraps
Figure 2. Inerior View of Installed Flag Mast
Only 2 tie wraps are required to safely secure the flag mast. The tie wraps may be installed in any two of the four holes. It is suggested that the tie wraps be placed in every other hole.