Softail Chrome Lower Belt Guard
Kit Number
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Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Chrome lower belt guard
Not Sold Separately
Washer, 5/16 inch
1Belt guard, upper
2Bolt, hex
3Washer, flat
5Nut, acorn
6Belt guard, lower
7Fork, rear
8Acorn bolt
Figure 1. Stock Belt Guard Removal
Removing Stock Plastic Lower Belt Guard
  1. See Figure 1. Remove the hex head bolt (2), washer (3), acorn nut (5), hex head screw (4) and acorn bolt (8) attaching plastic belt guard to rear fork.
  2. Remove the plastic belt guard. Save fasteners (2), and (4), washer (3), acorn nut (5) and acorn bolt (8) for installing new chrome belt guard.
Installing Chrome Lower Belt Guard
1. See Figure 2. Position the new chrome belt guard from kit over belt. Align the holes in guard with mounting lugs on rear fork. Install acorn bolt (9) through mounting lug and fasten to belt guard. Finger tighten only.
2. Install screw (4) with washer (5, from kit) through belt guard and fasten to threaded mounting lug. Position the guard for adequate clearance and finger tighten screw.
3. At the upper belt guard, install the original forward hex bolt (2) and original washer (3) through the upper guard (1), then through the upper hole in chrome belt guard and through mounting lug on rear fork. Secure with original acorn nut.
4. Tighten all hardware to 110 in-lbs (12.4 Nm).
1Belt guard, upper
2Bolt, hex
3Washer, flat
5Washer (from kit)
6Nut, acorn
7Belt guard, chrome (from kit)
8Fork, rear
9Acorn bolt
Figure 2. Chrome (Kit) Belt Guard Installation