Kit Number
This kit fits models equipped with a Chopped or King Tour-pak.
This kit does not fit models equipped with a Tour-Pak spoiler or interior light kit.
Kit Contents
This kit contains one Tour-Pak lid bra, eleven hook and latch strips, two alcohol prep pads and a punch.
  1. Open the Tour-Pak lid.
  2. Clean area inside of the lid where hook and latch strips will be applied with the alcohol prep pads included in the kit.
  3. See Figure 1. Match the various lengths of the hook and latch strips (1) to the bra tab lengths, then install the hook and latch strips onto the Tour-Pak lid, so that the bra tabs will match up to the hook and latch strips when it is installed.
  4. NOTE
    It is not necessary to remove the Tour-Pak lid from the Tour-Pak or the passenger seat back from the Tour-Pak lid to install this kit.
    When installing the Tour-Pak bra, begin attaching the bra to the hook and latch strip on the right side. This will make it easier to install the left side between the Tour-Pak carrier and Tour-Pak lid.
    It may be necessary to separate the hook and latch strips and reposition the Tour-Pak bra, to obtain the best fit.
    The punch, which is included in the kit, can be used, at the owner's risk, to punch holes in the Tour-Pak lid bra to allow the mounting of a Tour-Pak rack. Tour-Paks with incorrectly punched holes are not warrantable.
  5. See Figure 1. Install Tour-Pak bra over the Tour-Pak lid.
1Hook and latch strip
2Tour pak lid bra
Figure 1. Tour Pak Lid Bra