XL Seat
Kit Number
51507-04, 51509-04, 51533-04, 52109-04, 52112-04, 52369-04, 52377-04, 52379-04, and 52381-04
Kits 51509-04, 51533-04, 52112-04, 52377-04, and 52381-04 fit 2004 and later XL883 Standard and XL1200R model motorcycles.
Kits 51507-04, 52109-04, 52369-04, and 52379-04 fit 2004 and later XL883C and XL 1200C model motorcycles.
Additional Parts Required
Models without passenger footpegs already installed will need passenger footpegs. Install passenger footpeg kit 50203-04 or the equivalent.
Kit Contents
See Figure 3 and Table 1.
Detach passenger seat strap before removing seat. Failure to do so can result in damage to rear fender paint. (00225a)
Removal of Stock Seat
Remove the seat according to the directions given in the Owners Manual. Save the seat mounting screw (part number 2952A) to install the new seat.
1Fender plug
2Rear fender hole plug location
3Middle fender hole plug location
4Seat retention nut
6Cable strap
7Retention nut
Figure 1. Fender Hole Locations
Figure 2. Underside of 2-up seat
Installation of Kit Seat
1. Step 1 is for 883 Standard models only, all other models skip to step 2. See Figure 1. Remove the plastic plug (1) from the rear hole location in the fender (2) (save the plastic plug for installation into the middle fender hole) (3). Move the seat retention nut (4) and lockwasher (5) from the middle location to the rear location, where the plug was just removed. As shown in the inset, a cable strap (6) can be used as an installation aid. Slip the cable strap under the fender, into place, to catch the retention nut (7) as it is pressed out of place. Remove the lockwasher (8) and retention nut from the mid location and reinstall in the rear location as shown. Reinstall the plastic plug in the fender hole in the middle location.
If installing the seat with a sissybar/backrest pad present, remove the backrest pad prior to seat installation. This will prevent damage to the pad and/or seat. Reinstall backrest pad after the seat is installed.
2. All models: see Figures 1 and 2. Angle the front of the new seat into place so the tongue (1) engages the slot at the rear fuel tank mounting location. Continue to push the seat forward and rotate the rear of the seat downward until the seat contacts the frame. Flex the seat slightly in the middle and slide the seat towards the rear so that the keyhole slot (2) on the seat bottom engages with the center seat post on the frame. It may take some practice to get the seat properly into place. The foam cushioning of the seat will need to be compressed as the seat is slid forward to get the seat in a forward enough position to engage the post on the frame when the seat is dropped into place. When properly installed, the front tongue on the underside of the seat should fit snugly in the groove at the fuel tank rear mounting location and the keyhole on the underside of the seat will lock the seat to the post on the frame.
3. Pull up on the center of the seat to verify that it is locked into place. (There will be a small amount of play, but the seat should only come up about a half an inch and then will be held firmly in place by the post on the underside of the seat.) If the seat is not firmly in place, repeat step 2 until the seat is firmly in place. Reference the Owners Manual for further instruction on seat placement if needed.
4. Install the screw and fasten the seat mounting bracket to the top of the rear fender.
5. Tighten the mounting bracket screw securely.
After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a loose seat can shift causing loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00070b)
6. Pull up on the front and rear of the seat seat again to verify that it is properly secured.
See Figure 3 and Table 1.
Figure 3. Service parts: XL Seat
Table 1. Service Parts Table
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Not sold
Mounting bracket
Grab strap
Flange screws (2)
Kits 51507-04, 51509-04, 52109-04, 52112-04
Seat mounting screw
Kits 52369-04, 52377-04, 52379-04, 52381-04
Leather dressing (kits 52369-04 and 52377-04 only)
Not Sold
Kit 51533-04
Grabstraps come attached to the seat, but replacement grabstraps are available for separate purchase. The mounting bracket and screw also come attached to the seat, but are available for separate purchase.
Item 5 is the screw saved from the removal of the original seat.