Kit Number
51569-01, 51583-01, 51589-05, 51599-05, 51645-06, 51782-07, 51783-07, 51982-08, 52748-02, 53762-06, 53763-06.
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Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Qty)
Part Number
Backrest pad
Not Sold Separately
Screw (2)
It is easiest to mount these backrest pads with the sissy bar upright kit already installed.
1. Install the sissy bar upright according to the instructions included with that kit.
2. Hold backrest pad against upright with pad facing forward.
3. See Figure 1. Align two pad mounting holes in sissy bar upright with two threaded inserts in backrest pad.
1Backrest pad mounting holes
2Screw (4)
3Sissy bar
Figure 1. Sissy Bar and Screws
4. See Figure 2. Begin threading each of the two button head cap screws. Threading these screws may be a little difficult at first since the screw must break through plastic sheeting inside the backrest pad to reach the threaded insert. It may be necessary to use a 4 mm hex wrench, while holding the backrest pad tight against the upright to get the screws started.
5. Using a 4 mm hex wrench (allen wrench), tighten each screw a little at a time, alternating side-to-side. This is done to ensure the vinyl stretches evenly in the recessed channel that the upright bar is drawn into. Continue alternating side-to-side until both screws are secure.
6. Tighten both screws to 50-60 in-lbs (5.6-6.8 Nm).
1Backrest pad
2Screw (2)
3Sissy bar (purchased separately)
Figure 2. Generic Backrest Pad Assembly