XL Chrome Right Hand Side Cover Kit
Kit Number
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Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Side cover, right hand, chrome
Bezel, oil tank filler*
Push nut*
*Component comes pre-installed.
Items in this kit are not sold separately.
  1. See Figure 1. Remove filler cap/dipstick (1) from oil tank on right side of vehicle.
    1. Press straight down on filler cap/dipstick and release. Cap will pop up.
    2. Pull up on filler cap/dipstick while turning counterclockwise one-quarter turn as if unscrewing filler cap. Remove filler cap/dipstick.
  2. Remove right hand side cover (3) by gently prying bottom lip of cover off tab on oil tank (2). Lift cover up slightly so mounting holes on top of cover clear mounting posts on oil tank. Remove cover.
  1. See Figure 1. Place top of new side cover (3) onto right side of oil tank (2) so that mounting holes in top of cover fit onto mounting posts on oil tank.
  2. Press bottom of side cover in place on oil tank so that slot in bottom of cover snaps onto mounting tab on oil tank.
  3. NOTE
    See Figure 2. Note that filler cap/dipstick has a wide slot (1) and a narrow slot (2) and can only be inserted in oil tank one way.
  4. See Figure 1. Insert filler cap/dipstick (1) into oil tank (2). Press down on filler cap while turning clockwise one-quarter turn as if screwing filler cap into oil tank. When cap stops turning, it is fully seated. Press down on cap until it snaps in place, flush with top of right hand side cover (3).
1Filler cap/dipstick
2Oil tank
3Right hand side cover
Figure 1. Right Hand Side Cover Installation
1Wide slot
2Narrow slot
Figure 2. Filler Cap/Dipstick