Kit Number
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Additional Parts Required
Anti-Seize Lubricant (P/N 98960-97)
Kit Contents
See Figure 3 and Table 1.
1Glove Box Door Flap
2Glove Box Door
3Glove Box Tray
4Flange Nut
5Fairing Lower
6T40 TORX Screw
7Engine Guard Clamp
8Fairing Cap
9Clip Stud
10T20 TORX Screw
11Vent Door
13Rubber Washer
Figure 1. Stock Fairing Lower Assembly
  1. See Figure 1. Unfasten snaps to release glove box door flap (1). Release anchor on draw string from hole in glove box door (2). Set door flap aside.
  2. Reaching into glove box, remove two flange nuts (4) from clip studs (9) and remove fairing cap (8). If necessary, push ends of studs through holes in glove box tray (3) and fairing cap (8) or damage may result.
  3. Hold locknut (12) at bottom of fairing lower (5) and turn inside T40 TORX® screw (6) to free assembly from engine guard clamp (7). Save rubber washer (13). Discard clamp and hardware.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 on other side of motorcycle.
  5. Remove three T20 TORX® screws (10) to release glove box door and glove box tray (3) from fairing lower. Do not remove vent door (11) from tray.
  6. Repeat Step 5 for other side of motorcycle.
1. See Figure 1. Use a flat blade screwdriver to remove original clip retainer bolts (9) from fairing cap (8) using care not to damage clip mounts.
2. See Figure 3. Press new clip retainer bolts (1) from kit onto clip mounts.
3. For fairing lowers equipped with glove box liners:
a. With glove box liner installed in fairing lower (A) carefully mark location of the two fairing cap (B) mounting holes onto the glove box liner.
b. Use marks to cut or punch holes approximately 9/16 inch round. Holes should be sufficient to allow shank of thumb nuts (2) to pass freely for easy installation of fairing cap (B).
1Engine Guard Clamp
2Protective Tape Pad
Figure 2. Install Protective Tape Pads
4. See Figure 2. Attach protective tape pads (2) to each inside half of engine guard clamps (1).
5. See Figure 3. Insert thumb screw (4) through top side of fairing lower (A) and rubber washer, as shown in Figure 1. Apply small amount of anti-seize lubricant to threads of thumb screw (4). Thread thumb screw (4) into top half of engine guard clamp (3).
6. Attach fairing lower (A) and engine guard clamp (3) to engine guard, hinge portion of engine guard clamp (3) should face towards the front of the motorcycle. Loosely thread thumb screw (4) into lower portion of engine guard clamp (3).
7. Position fairing lower (A) to upper section of engine guard. Install fairing cap (B) over engine guard and put retainer bolts (1) through mounting holes in fairing lower (A). Loosely thread thumb nuts (2) onto retainer bolts (1) from inside the glove box.
Position fairing lower (A) on engine guard (C) so that it does not contact engine, exhaust pipes, controls or other painted parts.
  1. Adjust fairing lower (A) on the engine guard to its desired position, securely tighten thumb screw (4) in engine guard clamp (3) and two thumb nuts (2) onto retainer bolts (1).
  2. Repeat Steps 1-8 for other side of motorcycle.
Figure 3. Service Parts: Detachable Fairing Lower Hardware Kit
Table 1. Service Parts Table
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Bolt, retainer (4)
Nut, thumb, detachable (4)
Clamp, hinged, engine guard (2)
Screw, thumb, detachable (2)
Pad, protective tape, clamp (4) (Not shown)
Items mentioned in text, but not included in kit:
Fairing lower
Fairing cap
Engine guard