Tour-Pak Lid Organizer Kit
Kit Numbers
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Improper loading of cargo or installation of accessories can affect motorcycle stability and handling, which could result in death or serious injury. (00095a)
Do not exceed Tour-Pak weight capacity. Too much weight can cause loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00401c)
Maximum Tour-Pak weight capacity is 25 lbs (4.5 Kg).
This Tour-Pak Lid Organizer kit will not work with Mini Tour- Pak Lid Rack (P/N 53100-96), Tour-Pak Spoiler Kit w/light (P/N 53149-series), Tour-Pak Spoiler Kit without light (P/N 53150-series), or Tour-Pak Top Rack Kit (P/N 53661-86T).
If Tour-Pak is equipped with Utility Light (P/N 90270-99) installed on the inside surface, it will need to be relocated.
Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Part Number
Organizer, tour-pak lid
Not sold separately
Wipe, alcohol
Label, load limit
  1. If Premium Tour-Pak Luggage Rack (P/N 53665-87) or Nostalgic Tour-Pak Lid Rack (P/N 53101-96) is installed, perform the following Step a. If not, proceed to Step 2.
    1. Check the Luggage Rack Mounting Screws for proper torque. Tighten at this time, if necessary, since mounting hardware will become inaccessible after lid organizer is installed.
  2. If Tour-Pak Light (P/N 54302-98) is installed, perform the following Steps a and b. If not, proceed to Step 3.
    1. Remove the light from the Tour-Pak Lid sidewall and unclip wiring from adhesive backed clips. Set the light in the Tour-Pak bottom.
    2. If installed, remove adhesive-backed clips from the Tour-Pak Lid surface, leaving clips attached to sidewall in place.
  3. Using the isopropyl alcohol wipe included in kit, thoroughly clean the Lid surface. Make sure any leftover adhesive is removed, then allow to dry completely. Make sure surface is free of condensed moisture.
  4. NOTE
    The ideal temperature range for applying the tape is 70 to 100 °F (21 to 38 °C). Minimum application temperature is 50 °F (10 °C). If you attempt to apply the tape below these temperatures, the adhesive will become too firm to adhere readily.
  5. Locate the double-sided tape on back of the Lid Organizer and remove the backing material.
  6. NOTE
    When performing the next Step, be sure to apply pressure to entire length of tape to verify proper activation of pressure sensitive adhesive.
  7. Carefully center the Lid Organizer in Tour-Pak Lid recess and press firmly into place. While applying opposing force from outside of lid (to minimize force on tether, hinges, etc.), apply moderate pressure around entire perimeter of organizer and in middle (making sure to include all areas of tape contact).
  8. Allow tape to cure ("wet-out") for a minimum of 48 hours at 70 degrees F (allow extra time if temp is below 70 degrees). Do not place items in the Lid Organizer while adhesive is curing.
  9. If applicable, install Tour-Pak Light (P/N 54302-98) to Lid sidewall. Replace adhesive-backed clips (reorder P/N 10102) on lid sidewall, and place wiring into clips.
  10. Install load limit label on inside of Tour-Pak on lid or base sidewall in a readily visible location.