Kit Number
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of www.harley-davidson.com (English only).
Kit Contents
This kit contains one fairing bra, adhesive-backed fastener strips and these instructions. No service parts are available.
  • The fairing bra is held in place by hook-and-loop fasteners. The hook fastener adhesive must be allowed to cure for 24 hours before installing the bra.
  • The bra is designed to have an extremely tight fit that may make installation difficult, especially for the first time. To ease installation, warm the bra by exposure to direct sunlight or a hair dryer prior to installation. Improper or tight fitment is not a warrantable condition.
  • Wash and wax the fairing prior to installation of the fairing bra.
1. See Figure 1. Remove the headlamp door (5). Remove headlamp mounting ring with headlamp (3). See the service manual.
2. Remove the headlamp trim (2) from outer fairing.
When performing the following procedures, be careful not to scratch painted surfaces.
3. See the service manual to remove the outer fairing. Place the outer fairing on a protected surface.
4. Thoroughly clean the inner area of the outer fairing where the fastener strips will be installed.
5. Lay the bra, finished side down, on a flat surface.
6. Lay the fairing over the fairing bra, aligning the vent opening in the bra with the mating opening (1) in the fairing.
The fastener strips to be installed between the vent opening and the windshield mounting tape may require trimming. Do not allow the fastener strips to cover the inner windshield mounting tape.
7. Beginning at the center of the vent opening (1), install fastener strips to the inner fairing surface where the loop portion on each strap will firmly contact them.
8. Align the vent opening in the bra with the vent opening and secure a strap. Continue working from the center outward and around the opening.
1Vent opening
2Headlamp trim
3Headlamp and mounting ring assembly
4Screw (4)
5Headlamp door
6Door screw
Figure 1. Outer Fairing
9. Beginning at the top center of the outer fairing, continue installing fastener strips and secure the bra. Work outward toward each side. Align the bra to the edge of the outer fairing when securing each strap.
10. Lay the fairing with the outside facing up. Push the straps through the headlamp opening but do not secure the fastener strips.
11. Install the headlamp trim (2) and headlamp with mounting ring (3). The straps will be pinched between the fairing and headlamp components. Tighten screws (4) to 2.5–3.6 N·m (22–32 in-lbs).
12. See Figure 2. Lay the fairing with the inside facing up. Pull each strap near the headlamp taut and install the fastener strips. Pull evenly to reduce wrinkles.
13. Verify all outer straps are evenly taut. Adjust to remove any wrinkles.
  • When installing the outer fairing, locate the elastic cord outside the fairing skirt. Temporarily hook it on the headlamp door mounting tab below the headlamp during fairing installation.
  • Use care to not twist the bra when tightening the windshield screws.
14. Install the outer fairing and windshield. See the service manual.
15. Release the elastic cord from the mounting tab. Install the headlamp door (5) with screw (6). Tighten to 1–2 N·m (9–18 in-lbs).
Figure 2. Inside fairing: Bra Installed