Kit Number
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Kit Contents
This kit contains one oil catcher and hose.
There are no service parts available with this kit.
Refer to the owner's manual for oil change procedure.
  1. See Figure 1. Install oil catcher (2) beneath oil filter (1).
    1. With oil catcher approximately 30 degrees clockwise from horizontal, start to insert oil catcher under the oil filter.
    2. Rotate oil catcher to horizontal and install until oil catcher is fully seated.
    3. Attach oil catcher drain hose (3) to outlet of oil catcher.
  2. Place suitable container, such as H-D Low Profile Drain Pan (Part No. 63795-10), under the drain hose to collect waste oil.
    1. Trim hose length if necessary.
  3. Verify that oil catcher is fully seated by pressing down slightly on outlet end of oil catcher.
  4. Remove oil filter and allow oil to drain into container. Dispose of filter and waste oil properly.
    1. Loosen oil filter using H-D Oil Filter Wrench (Part No.94863-10).
    2. Hold oil catcher in place while removing filter from oil filter mount.
    3. Remove filter from oil catcher after oil has drained into catcher.
  5. Remove oil catcher.
    1. Disconnect drain hose and place a finger or disposable towel over drain outlet to prevent drips during removal.
    2. Remove oil catcher.
    3. Place a disposable towel under oil filter mount to catch residual oil.
    4. Thoroughly clean residual oil from crankcase.
    5. Install new oil filter following the procedure in the owner's manual.
1Oil filter
2Oil catcher
3Drain hose
Figure 1. Install Oil Catcher