Kit Number
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Installation Requirements
Prior or concurrent installation of a front engine guard is required for proper installation of these soft lowers.
Soft lowers are not compatible with Mustache or Nostalgic style engine guards.
Kit Contents
This kit consists of a right and left engine guard soft lower and these instructions. There are no service parts available for this kit.
The soft lowers are side-specific. The lowers install with the Bar & Shield facing forward and the large opening inboard.
See Figure 1. The zippered opening (2) along the outer edge allows the soft lowers to fit with highway footpegs (11).
  1. Select one of the soft lowers (1), and slip it over the correct side of the engine guard (8).
  2. NOTE
    Do not put the straps over the clutch cable (9).
  3. Wrap the upper and lower straps around the frame downtube (10), and insert the male quick disconnect buckle ends (3) into the female buckle connectors (4) on the soft lower until they snap together.
  4. Press the male and female snaps (5) together around the perimeter of the soft lower to capture the engine guard.
  5. Position the straps to provide clearance to hot engine components, and adjust the fit by pulling the straps tight to secure the soft lower to the frame downtube. Fold the strap ends back over the buckles and secure with the hook-and-loop fasteners on the straps.
  6. Secure the hook-and-loop fastener (6) at the center of the soft lower. Secure the inboard hook-and-loop fastener (7) to close the large opening. Close the zippers around the highway pegs (if equipped).
  7. Repeat for the opposite side of the vehicle.
  1. Separate all of the hook-and-loop fasteners on the soft lower.
  2. Squeeze the male quick disconnect buckle end with thumb and forefinger, and gently pull the buckle apart. Repeat with the second buckle.
  3. Release the snaps to free the rear of the soft lower from the front.
  4. Slide the soft lower off of the engine guard.
  5. Repeat for the opposite side of the vehicle.
1Soft lower (2)
2Zippered opening
3Male quick disconnect buckle end (4)
4Female buckle connector (4)
6Center hook-and-loop fastener (2)
7Inboard hook-and-loop fastener (2)
8Engine guard
9Clutch cable
10Frame downtube
11Highway footpeg (2)
Figure 1. Softail Engine Guard Soft Lowers