Kit Numbers
57777-04A, 57958-04B, 58246-05B, 58245-05B, 58283-04B, 58284-04B, 57957-98A, 58016-04B, 58753-01B, 57166-10A, 57400093, 57400094
For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Do not use windshield bags with flamed windshields. Damage to graphics will occur. (00393f)
Kit Contents
This kit contains one windshield and trim strip (Part No. 57300013).
  1. Remove all hardware securing windshield.
  2. Remove windshield.
2Rubber trim strip
3Well nut (5)
4Screw (5)
5Nylon flat washer (5)
6Rubber washer (5)
Figure 1. Windshield Installation
1. See Figure 1. Install the trim strip (2) on the replacement windshield (1). Start at center and work toward outer edges.
2. Position hole flanges on the trim strip on the back side of the windshield between the windshield and the fairing. Firmly press the trim strip channel against the windshield to seat the adhesive.
3. Put the windshield into position. Install the mounting screws (4), with the nylon washers (5) and rubber washers (6) positioned as shown into the well nuts (3).
4. Tighten mounting screws from the center to the outside edge on both sides. Tighten screws to 0.7–1.5 N·m (6–13 in-lbs). Well nuts will expand to grip fairing.
Polycarbonate windshields/wind deflectors require proper attention and care to maintain. Failure to maintain polycarbonate properly can result in damage to the windshield/wind deflector. (00483e)
  • Do not use benzene, paint thinner, gasoline or any other type of harsh cleaner on the windscreen/windshield. Doing so will damage the surface.
  • Do not clean polycarbonate in hot sun or high temperature.
  • Powdered, abrasive or alkaline cleanser will damage the windscreen/windshield.
  • Sunlight reflections off of the inside curvature of a windscreen/windshield can, at certain times of the day, cause extreme heat build-up on motorcycle instruments. Exercise care in parking. Park facing the sun, place an opaque object over the instruments, or adjust the windscreen/windshield to avoid reflections.
  • Do not use benzene, paint thinner, gasoline or any other cleaning agents on the rubber bushings. Doing so will damage the bushing surfaces.
Harley-Davidson Windshield Water Repellent Treatment part number 99841-01 is approved for use on Harley-Davidson polycarbonate windshields.