Kit Numbers
57400204, 57400205, 57400206, 57400213, 57400224, 57400225, 57400226, 57400227, 57400228, 57400229, 57400243, 57400528
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Kit Contents
There are no service parts available with this kit.
  1. See Figure 1. Loosen but do not remove three screws (1) (with flat washers) securing the windshield/wind deflector to the fairing.
  2. Raise and remove windshield/wind deflector.
1. See Figure 1. Place the windshield/wind deflector into position between the inner and outer fairings engaging the slotted holes in the windshield/wind deflector with the threaded bosses on the inner fairing.
2. Tighten three screws (1).
Torque: 2.8–3.4 N·m (25–30 in-lbs) windshield/wind deflector screws
Polycarbonate windshields/wind deflectors require proper attention and care to maintain. Failure to maintain polycarbonate properly can result in damage to the windshield/wind deflector. (00483e)
  • Do not use benzene, paint thinner, gasoline or any other type of harsh cleaner on the windshield/wind deflector. Doing so will damage the surface.
  • Do not clean polycarbonate in hot sun or high temperature.
  • Powdered, abrasive or alkaline cleanser will damage the windshield/wind deflector.
  • Sunlight reflections off of the inside curvature of a windshield/wind deflector can, at certain times of the day, cause extreme heat build-up on motorcycle instruments. Exercise care in parking. Park facing the sun, place an opaque object over the instruments, or adjust the windshield/wind deflector to avoid reflections.
See the owner's manual for a full list of care and cleaning instructions and products approved for use on Harley-Davidson windshield/wind deflectors.
1Screw and washer (3)
Figure 1. Windshield/Wind Deflector Installation