Kit Number
For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
The mirror covers in this kit are not intended to replace the stock turn signals. Mirror cover turn signals will not function properly without the stock turn signals installed.
Tools and Supplies Required
Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit. Use the appropriate service manual procedures. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. (00333b)
This instruction sheet refers to service manual information. A service manual for this year/model motorcycle is required for this installation and is available from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Electrical Overload
It is possible to overload the vehicle's charging system by adding too many electrical accessories. If the combined electrical accessories operating at any one time consume more electrical current than the vehicle's charging system can produce, the electrical consumption can discharge the battery and cause damage to the vehicle's electrical system. (00211d)
When installing any electrical accessory, be certain not to exceed the maximum amperage rating of the fuse or circuit breaker protecting the affected circuit being modified. Exceeding the maximum amperage can lead to electrical failures, which could result in death or serious injury. (00310a)
The Illuminated Chrome Mirror Cover Kit requires up to 100 mA additional current from the electrical system.
Kit Contents
See Figure 3 and Table 1.
Models with main fuse:
To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove main fuse before proceeding. (00251b)
  1. See the service manual. Remove main fuse.
1. See the service manual. Remove outer fairing.
2. See Figure 1. Remove the mirrors (1), flange nuts (3) and plastic backing plates (2) securing the mirrors to each side of the inner fairing. Retain all items.
3. Measure 25 mm (1 in) outboard (4) from the large mirror stud hole in the inner fairing, and make a mark.
4. Drill a 6 mm (¼ in) diameter hole through the inner fairing at the mark.
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for opposite side.
Make sure ambient temperature is at least10 °C (50 °F) for proper adhesion of the mirror cover to the mirror.
6. Clean the back surface of the mirrors with the alcohol pad provided. Allow to dry completely.
7. Obtain the primer tube from the kit, and follow the instructions on the tube to activate the primer. When the primer is activated apply the primer to the back surface of one mirror.
The Illuminated Chrome Mirror Covers are side-specific. The covers install with the wire harness exiting from the bottom.
1Mirror assembly
2Backing plate
3Flange nut
4Hole location
5Mirror cover
7Mirror cover wire
Figure 1. Mirror Cover Installation
8. Obtain the correct mirror cover from the kit. Rub the liners on the three pads on the back surface of the mirror cover to activate the adhesive. Then remove the liners.
9. Place the mirror cover over the back surface of the mirror and press into place for a minimum of 60 seconds.
10. Repeat Steps 7 through 9 for the remaining mirror and cover.
11. Position the mirror on the outer face of the inner fairing, with the rounded side of the mirror outboard.
a. See Figure 1. Insert the mirror cover wire (7) through the drilled hole (4).
b. Secure wiring grommet (6) in drilled hole.
c. Insert the mirror post through the original mirror mounting hole.
d. Install backing plate over mirror assembly. Make sure the locating pin is secured in the small hole of the backing plate.
e. Install flange nut. Tighten to 2.3–3.4 N·m (20–30 in-lbs).
f. Repeat steps for the opposite side.
Electrical Connections
  1. See the service manual. Remove turn signal bracket assembly.
  2. See Figure 2. Locate and disconnect turn signal connector (2) from turn signal harness connector [31L or 31R](1).
  3. Route the wires of the mirror cover down to the turn signal connector. Secure the mirror cover wires with cable straps.
  4. Install the Y-harness (3) to each of the turn signal harness connector.
  5. See the service manual connector appendix. Install the pins of the mirror cover wires to the connector housing ( Figure 3 , item 6). Install the wires into the housing so that wires will connect to the same color wire on the Y-harness.
  6. See Figure 2. Connect the mirror cover connector to the Y-harness (3).
  7. See the service manual. Connect the turn signal connector (2) to the Y-harness, then install turn signal bracket assembly.
  8. Repeat the procedure for the opposite side mirror cover.
1Turn signal harness connector, female
2Turn signal connector, male
4Mirror cover connector
Figure 2. Auxiliary/Fog Lamp Assembly
  1. Secure all wiring away from any moving parts, pinch points or extreme heat.
  2. NOTE
    Verify that the ignition/light key switch is in the OFF position before installing the main fuse/attaching the battery cables.
  3. See the service manual. Install main fuse.
  4. Turn the ignition/light key switch to IGNITION, but do not start the motorcycle. Test for proper turn signal and mirror cover lamp operation. Proper operation of mirror cover lamps is:
    1. Mirror cover lamps are not lit during normal vehicle operation.
    2. The proper mirror cover lamp flashes along with the corresponding turn signal when activated.
    3. BOTH mirror cover lamps flash when the emergency flashers are activated.
  5. See the service manual. Install outer fairing. Adjust the mirrors for proper field of vision and compliance with local regulations.
Figure 3. Service Parts: Illuminated Fairing Mounted Mirror Cover Kit
Table 1. Service Parts Table
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Mirror cover, right
Not Sold Separately
Mirror cover, left
Not Sold Separately
Grommet (2)
Not Sold Separately
Terminal, pin, #20-22 AWG (6)
Seal, pin (6)
Housing, 4-way, pin, JAE (2)
Y-harness (2)
  • Housing, 4-way, socket, JAE
  • Terminal, socket, #20-22 AWG
  • Housing, 4-way, pin, JAE (2)
  • Terminal, pin, #20-22 AWG
Alcohol packet (not shown)
Not Sold Separately
Primer packet (not shown)
Not Sold Separately