Kit Number
The Product Information Label contained in this kit is a requirement of the California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission regulation for all 2007-later models.
For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Proper installation of this kit requires the full instruction sheet, which is available at Additional training on how to use this tool is available at
Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit. Use the appropriate service manual procedures. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. (00333b)
This instruction sheet references service manual information. A service manual for this year/model vehicle is required for this installation. One is available from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
The VCI (vehicle communication interface) supplied with this software is for use on a single vehicle only. When the VCI is first used to program a vehicle, it will be permanently locked to that vehicle, and cannot be used on any other vehicle for programming.
Requires separate purchase of model specific Tuner Cable. These items are available at your local Harley-Davdson dealership:
32184-08A used on models:
  • 2001-2011 EFI Dyna
  • 2001-2011 EFI Softail
  • 2002-2013 EFI Touring
  • 2009-2013 Trike models
41000018 used on models:
  • 2015-later XG
  • 2014-later XL
  • 2012-2017 Dyna
  • 2011-2020 Softail
  • 2014-2020 Touring
  • 2014-2020 Trike models
41000979 used on models:
  • 2021-later Softail
  • 2021-later Touring
  • 2014-later Trike models
  • 2014-later CVO models
  • DLC- Data Link Connector
  • ECM- Electronic Control Module
  • VCI- Vehicle Communication Interface
1. Visit
a. Download the Pro Street Tuner software.
2. Get an in-depth guide to the software and tuning methods. Which will cover:
a. Product Setup.
b. Harley-Davidson ESPFI System Overview.
c. Navigation of the Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner Software.
d. Use of this product to tune your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle.
DO NOT under any circumstances directly connect the vehicle to a computer without using the VCI. This may permanently damage the vehicle’s ECM or the computer, and the software will not function.
1. Make sure vehicle ignition is off.
Either 4-pin or 6-pin connector cable.
See Figure 1. Connect vehicle interface cable.
a. Locate vehicle DLC (1). See service manual.
b. Connect cable DLC (2) to vehicle's DLC.
1Vehicle DLC
2Cable DLC
Figure 1. DLC Connection
3. See Figure 2 and Figure 3. Connect vehicle interface cable to VCI.
a. Connect 9-pin male connector (2) to right port of VCI.
b. Secure connector with locking screws (3).
29-Pin Connector
3Locking screw (2)
4LED indicator light (Red)
Figure 2. 9-Pin Connector
Figure 3. Right Port of VCI
4. See Figure 4 and Figure 5. Connect computer interface cable to vehicle communications module (VCI).
a. Insert Type B (square end) USB cable end (1) to left port of VCI (2).
1Type B USB cable end
Figure 4. Type B USB Connection
Figure 5. Left Port of VCI
5. See Figure 6. Connect computer interface cable.
a. Insert flat end of USB cable (1) to an open USB port on the computer (2).
1USB Cable
Figure 6. Connect USB to Computer
Make sure battery is fully charged.
On the vehicle, turn ignition ON and put RUN/STOP switch in the RUN position.
7. Click > Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner icon on the computer and launch the software.
8. Confirm communication between vehicle and VCI:
8.1. See Figure 7. If VCI is communicating properly with the computer, the icon in the lower left corner of the screen will display a successful connection.
Figure 7. Good Connection
8.2. See Figure 8. If communication is NOT successful, the VCI Disconnected icon will be displayed. Check all cable connections, make sure the vehicle battery is fully charged, and make sure that the ignition is ON.
Figure 8. No Connection
This function allows you to reprogram the VCI in the event of a software update.
If the software detects that the VCI need to be updated, this MUST be done prior to performaing any functions using the VCI. Click OK to clear the notification and you will be directed to the VCI update screen. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the procedure.
Do Not disconnect any cables or turn off the vehicle's ignition switch while the VCI is being reprogrammed. If the VCI loses power or communication with the host computer is interrupted, you will have to repeat the reprogramming procedure.
If the computer cannot communicate with VCI, an error message will display. Make sure USB cable is properly connected to VCI. Click > OK on error message screen to return to the initial VCI Reprogram screen. Check VCI connections, then restart reprogramming sequence.
1. Follow instructions in the CONNECT VCI TO VEHICLE section.
2. On the Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner home page, click > Setup > Program > Reprogram VCI. The following warning prompt appears: ALL CURRENT VCI CONTENT WILL BE LOST.
3. Click > OK to continue.
a. Read and follow on-screen prompts.
b. Software will download to VCI while progress bar is displayed.
c. When VCI is successfully reprogrammed, a confirmation prompt appears.
d. Click > OK to continue.
4. If reprogramming is unsuccessful after three attempts, contact Harley-Davidson dealership for assistance.
This product information label is required in the state of California only. PRODUCT INFORMATION LABEL IS REQUIRED TO PASS THE CALIFORNIA SMOG CHECK PROGRAM.
EO Label (Part No. 14001156) is required for 2020 and Earlier California vehicles.
1. Place information label on right down tube of frame directly below Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) label.
2. Do not install this product label over other product information labels.
3. This product information label must not be installed on other vehicles than specified.
Installation and Programming Issues
See Figure 2 for locating and verifying the red LED (4) indicator light operation.
  • Verify internet connection and that the latest software is being used. Click > Check For Updates on the Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner home page to verify that all available updates have been downloaded.
  • Connect VCI to DLC of vehicle. Connect VCI to computer using USB cable.
  • Turn ON the IGN and RUN switch while observing the red LED on VCI. If the LED does not illuminate for 1 second at key ON, check for power and ground to DLC of vehicle.
  • If power and ground are present, install a new cable from VCI to DLC. If LED still does not illuminate for 1 second at key ON, try a new VCI. Refer to Table 1.
  • If LED does illuminate for 1 second after key ON, look to see if the icon in the lower-left corner of the screen is showing connected to vehicle and computer (green).
  • If icon is red on screen, which indicates it is not communicating, then go to add hardware in control panel and add new hardware.
  • If unable to detect new hardware or icon is still not green, install a new USB cable and retry.
  • If unable to obtain a green icon after replacing USB cable and attempting to add new hardware, replace VCI, and retry adding hardware.
Refer to Table 1. A good VCI will illuminate red LED for 1 second if power and ground are present at the appropriate pins. Use table to find at which pins power and ground will be present for your cable.
Table 1.
Pins for Power and Ground
4 and 2
5 and 2
How to Troubleshoot VCI
PROBLEM: I cannot get computer to display diagnostic trouble codes.
PROBLEM: I cannot get computer to display System ID numbers.
PROBLEM: I cannot clear Historic Fault Codes.
1. Check lower left corner of Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner software screen. If VCI Status link indicates that VCI is disconnected, it means VCI is not communicating with the computer. Check items 2-7 below to see if there is a physical or electrical problem.
2. Check cable between computer and VCI. Make sure connections are clean and tight. Check cable for cuts or other visible damage.
3. Make sure VCI cable is plugged into correct receptacle of computer.
4. Check cable between VCI and vehicle DLC. Make sure connections are clean and tight. Check cable for cuts or other visible damage.
5. The VCI obtains its power directly from the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle's battery is fully charged, the ignition switch turned on, and engine stop switch is in the Run position.
6. To reset VCI, unplug DLC from vehicle and then plug it back in.
7. Make sure vehicle's battery voltage is greater than 11.5 Volts. If it is not, the vehicle's ECM may not be able to communicate properly with the VCI.
PROBLEM: I cannot reprogram VCI.
1. See Q&A section above and follow the seven-step procedure to verify VCI is receiving power and operating properly.
2. Before attempting to reprogram VCI, make sure the Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner software is the ONLY program running on the computer. Exit all other programs. Even if another program is minimized, it may interfere with the VCI reprogramming process. The only button that should be visible on the task bar besides the Start button is the Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner software button.
3. Make sure VCI is in reprogramming mode. Make sure you have followed ALL the on-screen instructions in the order in which they appear. If you followed the instructions and reprogramming failed, DO NOT assume the VCI is still in reprogramming mode before you restart the reprogramming sequence.