Fairing Bra
Kit Numbers
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of www.harley-davidson.com (English only).
This kit requires separate purchase of Chrome Windshield Strip (P/N 59213-96). This Part can be purchased at your Harley- Davidson Dealership.
Kit Contents
This kit contains one fairing bra.
A Service Manual for your motorcycle is available at your Harley-Davidson Dealer.
  1. Align each of the sewn-in pockets on the fairing bra with each of the outer edges of the fairing at handlebar level.
  2. See Figure 1. Standing in front of the vehicle, remove the three T27 Torx screws (1) with washers securing the windshield along the front of the fairing.
  3. NOTE
    In the following Step, the Chrome Windshield Strip (purchased separately), will serve as a mounting bracket for the fairing bra.
  4. Obtain the Chrome Windshield Strip (P/N 59213-96) and screws supplied with strip. While aligning holes in the chrome strip over the bra, install the new screws with washers through the strip and bra, then tighten securely into the windshield.
  5. See Figure 1. The six straps (three on each side near the bottom) will be captured between the inner and outer fairing. Remove the four screws (2) from the inner fairing. NOTE: The bottom two screws are below the fairing cap. Save screws for installation. Separate the inner and outer fairings just enough to install the straps into the fairing. Adjust the straps, then install the screws and tighten securely.
  6. Remove the Phillips screw located at the bottom of the headlamp trim ring. Save screw for installation.
  7. See Figure 2. Orient the elastic portion of the bra around the headlamp, however in front of, the retaining ring as shown.
  8. Install the bottom elastic strap below the fairing seal under the headlamp.
  9. Install the headlamp trim ring using the Phillips screw removed in Step 5.
1Windshield screws
2Inner fairing screws
3Fairing cap
Figure 1. Windshield and Fairing Hardware
1Elastic surrounding headlamp
2Bottom elastic strap
Figure 2. Proper Orientation of Fairing Bra (Headlamp Trim Ring Not Installed)