Kit Number
29036-88B, 29259-91A
This air cleaner element is designed for vehicles equipped with constant velocity (CV) carburetors. Element No. 29036- 88B is used on 1988 and later XLH models. Element No. 29259-91A is used on 1991 and later Big Twin (1340 cc)
Kit Contents
There are no Service Parts available with this kit.
1. Remove screw(s) from air cleaner cover and remove cover.
2. Remove air cleaner element from backplate on carburetor.
Install air filter before running engine. Failure to do so can draw debris into the engine and could result in engine damage. (00207a)
3. Thoroughly clean backplate on carburetor and inside surface of air cleaner cover.
4. Clean air cleaner element as instructed in "Service" section of this Instruction Sheet. Replace element if it is damaged or if it's "filtering medium" (pleated fibrous paper) cannot be cleaned adequately.
5. Install air cleaner element to backplate on carburetor.
6. Install air cleaner cover and mounting screw(s). Tighten screw(s) to 5–7 N·m (3–5 ft-lbs).
Service the air cleaner element 5000 miles (8000 km) or more frequently in dusty conditions using the following procedures:
Do not use gasoline or solvents to clean filter element. Flammable cleaning agents can cause an intake system fire, which could result in death or serious injury. (00101a)
  1. Remove air cleaner element as instructed in "Installation" section of this Instruction Sheet.
  2. Wash element thoroughly in warm soapy water. To remove soot and carb deposits, soak element for 30 minutes in a solution of warm water and a mild detergent.
  3. Hold element up to a strong light source. Element is considered to be adequately cleaned only when light is uniformly visible through its filtering medium (pleated fibrous paper).
  4. Blow dry element with low pressure (30 p.s.i. (200 kPa) max.) compressed air (directed at inside surface of filtering medium). Rotate element while moving compressed air source up and down inside element. Do not rap element on a hard surface to dislodge water. Allow element to dry completely before installing on vehicle.