Shifter Linkage Cover
Kit Numbers
46301-01, 46303-01, 46305-01
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
This instruction sheet references Service Manual information. A Service Manual for your model motorcycle is required for this installation and is available from a Harley-Davidson Dealer.
Kit Contents
See Figure 2 and Table 1.
  1. See Figure 1. Loosen the shifter-rod jam nuts (2).
  2. NOTE
    Mount the shifter-linkage cover brackets under, not above, the shifter rod. Mounting the shifter-linkage cover brackets other than under the shifter rod could result in loose or lost brackets and shifter-linkage cover.
  3. See Figure 2. Fasten a mounting bracket (3) on the bottom side of the shifter rod between the ball screw shell at the rear end of the rod and the jam nut. Tighten the jam nut on the shifter rod to 80-120 in-lbs (9.0-13.6 Nm).
  4. Fasten the remaining mounting bracket on the bottom side of the shifter rod between the ball screw shell at the front end of the rod and the jam nut. Tighten the jam nut to 80-120 in-lbs ( (9.0-13.6 Nm).
  5. Position the cover on top of the linkage and examine the fit.
    1. If the linkage must be adjusted to accept the cover, proceed to Step 5.
    2. If the cover fits properly, proceed to Step 8.
  6. See Figure 1 and the Service Manual. Adjust the length of the linkage, remove the link attaching nut (5), lock washer and flat washer at the forward ball screw.
  7. Loosen the jam nut (2) at the front end of the shifter rod, and remove the mounting bracket installed in Step 3. Rotate the forward ball screw shell to achieve the proper length to allow mounting of the cover.
  8. Attach the ball screw to the shifter lever with the flat washer, lock washer and nut removed in Step 5. Tighten the nut to 70-90 in-lbs (7.9-10.2 Nm).
  9. See Figure 2. Bend the tabs of each mounting bracket toward the jam nut.
  10. Fasten the cover (1) to the mounting brackets using the two short screws (2) from the kit. Tighten the screws to 8-10 ft-lbs (10.8-13.6 Nm).
  11. If the linkage needed adjustment (Steps 5 through 7), the position of the shift foot levers (6) may have changed. To return the levers to their original position, loosen the socket head screws holding the levers to the shaft. Pull the levers from the shaft, rotate them to the desired angle and slide them back onto the shaft. Tighten the screws to 18-22 ft-lbs (24.4-29.8 Nm).
1Shifter rod
2Jam nut (2)
3Ball screw shell (2)
4Shifter lever
5Link attaching nut
6Shift foot levers (2)
Figure 1. Stock Shifter Linkage
Service Parts
Figure 2. Service Parts
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Linkage cover
Not sold separately
Screw 1/4-20 x 1/4 in (2)
Mounting bracket (2)
Mounting bracket tabs bent to jam nuts
This notch must be positioned toward the rear of the vehicle.
Rear ball screw shell
Jam nut
Shifter rod
Front ball screw shell
Allen wrench, 5/32 in. (not shown)
Not sold separately