Road King Classic Front Fender Skirt
Kit Number
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Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Fender skirt
Not sold separately
Screws (6)
Not sold separately
Locknuts (6)
Not sold separately
Washers (6)
Not sold separately
Adhesive foam strip
Not sold separately
There are no Service Parts available with this kit.
1. Remove fasteners from stock fender skirt.
Some early models have rivets for fasteners. These rivets will need to be drilled out. Drill the rivet heads to a sufficient depth to remove the head from the rivet shaft. Do not attempt to drill the rivet all the way through. This may scratch the fender?s painted surface.
2. Remove stock fender skirt.
3. Thoroughly clean the fender under the skirt. At this point it may be a good idea to wax this portion of the fender to prevent rust in the future.
4. See Figure 1. Cut the adhesive foam strip (5) into three equal parts. Remove the backing from the adhesive strips and apply adhesive on middle and two sides at the inside/bottom of the fender skirt (1). The foam strips will prevent rattling and unwanted noise.
On some later FLT models, there may not be enough fender skirt support to allow the application of adhesive strips. If this is true for your motorcycle, you may install this kit without the adhesive strips.
5. Place the fender skirt in position, aligning fastener holes.
6. Install the screws (2) from the outside of the fender. Install the washers (4) and nuts (3) inside the fender.
1Fender skirt
5Adhesive foam strip
Figure 1. Front Fender Skirt and Hardware