Tachometer Kit for XL Models
Kit Number
67182-04, 67182-07
For model fitment information, please see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of www.harley-davidson.com (English only).
Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit. Use the appropriate service manual procedures. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. (00333b)
This instruction sheet references Service Manual information. A Service Manual for your model motorcycle is required for this installation and is available from a Harley-Davidson Dealer.
Kit Contents
See Figure 9 and Table 1.
1. Follow instructions in applicable Service Manual and remove Maxi-Fuse.
When performing the following step, it may be easier to reach the harness by removing the fuel tank, follow instructions in Service Manual and remove hardware necessary to lift the tank up a few inches.
2. See Figure 1. Trace the speedometer wiring harness from the speedometer to the fuel tank tunnel and locate the connector approximately 4-6 inches in front of the fuel supply valve. Disconnect the speedometer harness male connector (1) from the female connector.
3. Gently pull the harness (3) and connector (1) through the rectangular ignition coil bracket (2).
When performing the following step, the handlebars will be loosened and may fall rapidly possibly causing damage to the fuel tank. When removing the handlebar clamp screws, hold handlebar and gently lower as screws are loosened.
1Harness connector
2Ignition coil bracket
3Speedometer harness
Figure 1. Disconnect Speedometer Harness
4. See Figure 2. Loosen, then remove, the two front handlebar clamp screws (1) and washers and remove the speedometer bracket assembly from the handlebar clamp. Let the speedometer bracket assembly rest in the clamp area temporarily. Save clamp screws and washers for installation.
1Handlebar clamp screws
Figure 2. Remove Speedometer Bracket Assembly
5. See Figure 3. Remove the two screws (1) and washers securing the headlamp mounting bracket and gently allow the mount to hang down to the left side of the forks. Save bracket screws for installation.
Figure 3. Remove Headlamp Mounting Bracket Hardware
6. Carefully pull the speedometer harness up through the open space near the upper triple clamp and remove speedometer assembly.
7. Take the speedometer and bracket assembly with harness to a bench or clean working area.
When performing the next step, be careful not to lose the plastic indicator lens when separating indicator trim plate from indicator housing.
8. See Figure 9. Note location of all indicator light components mounted in speedometer bracket. Each indicator lamp has the lamp's function printed on one of the lamps leads. Remove the two screws that secure the indicator light components to the speedometer bracket. Retain screws and indicator light components for installation on speedometer/tachometer bracket later.
9. Unscrew boot from speedometer reset switch by turning it counterclockwise. Remove the two rear cover screws and rear cover.
10. See Figure 4. Unplug the speedometer connector at center of speedometer. Note position of rear speedometer gasket (1) and remove bottom of gasket enough to pull wiring and connector through the wire guide (2). Remove and discard harness. Remove the rest of the rear gasket.
11. Gently push on rear of speedometer while simultaneously pulling speedometer and front gasket from bracket. It is not necessary to remove the front gasket.
1Speedometer rear gasket
2Wire guide
Figure 4. Remove Rear Speedometer Gasket (Shown with Wiring and Connector Removed)
12. Obtain the double bracket from kit. Lubricate the front and rear speedometer gaskets with isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner and install speedometer through front of left opening in double bracket.
13. See Figure 5. Obtain new speedometer/tachometer harness from kit. Place rear gasket in position and align gasket tabs. Insert speedometer wiring and connector between gasket (4) and speedometer making sure wiring rests in wire guide. Connect the speedometer connector (1). Work the rear gasket into space between speedometer and bracket by pushing speedometer against one side of bracket while pushing gasket into position at the opposite side.
1Speedometer connector
2Speedometer reset switch
3Wiring from harness
4Rear gasket
Figure 5. Speedometer Component Installation
14. Install speedometer reset switch (2) to original position and make sure all wires are positioned so they will not be pinched by the rear cover.
15. Install speedometer rear cover, cover screws and reset switch boot.
The tachometer is mounted in the right side of the double bracket.
16. See Figure 9. Obtain the tachometer (1), front and rear gaskets, rear cover (5) and cover screws (8) from kit.
17. Lubricate the front tachometer gasket with isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner and install to front of tachometer. Insert tachometer through front of right opening in double bracket (4).
18. See Figure 6. Lubricate the rear tachometer gasket. Locate the tachometer connector (1) on the harness. Place rear gasket in position and align gasket tabs. Insert tachometer wiring and connector between gasket and tachometer making sure wiring rests in wire guide. Connect the tachometer connector. Work the rear gasket into space between tachometer and bracket by pushing tachometer against one side of bracket while pushing gasket into position at the opposite side.
19. Align rear cover and install two cover screws. Tighten securely.
1Tachometer connector
Figure 6. Assemble Tachometer
20. See Figure 9. Place the indicator light bezel (H) and color strip on front of dual bracket (4). Make certain color strip stays in position on locating pins.
21. See Figure 7. Install indicator light socket housing (1) on back of dual bracket making sure locating pins on bezel (2) enter holes in socket assembly. Install two mounting screws and tighten.
1Indicator light socket housing
2Indicator bezel
Figure 7. Install Indicator Lamp Assembly
22. See Figure 1. Route speedometer/tachometer harness connector (1) in front of triple fork, then down and toward bottom of fuel tank. Continue to route through rectangular ignition coil bracket and connect to main harness. Rest the speedometer/tachometer assembly on handlebar/tank area for now.
1Clamp screw
Figure 8. Install Speedometer/Tachometer Assembly
23. See Figure 3. Return headlamp bracket to its mounted position and secure using two screws (1) and washers removed in earlier step. Tighten to 120-192 in-lbs (14-22 Nm).
24. See Figure 8. Mount speedometer/tachometer assembly on handlebar clamp as shown using screws (1) and washers (2) saved from removal. Tighten screws just snug enough to hold handlebar in position.
When handlebar installation is complete, the upper and lower clamps have contact with the cast-in boss in front and have a slight gap at the rear.
25. Loosen the rear clamp screws. Adjust the handlebars to the rider's normal position, then tighten the front clamp screws to 12-18 ft-lbs (16-24 Nm). Tighten the rear clamp screws to 12-18 ft-lbs (16-24 Nm).
When performing the following step, replace any cable straps (provided in kit) to any removed during installation.
26. If necessary, refer to the applicable Service Manual and lower fuel tank and install hardware.
27. Install seat.
After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a loose seat can shift causing loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00070b)
28. Install Maxi-Fuse.
Final Checks and Adjustments
  1. Turn ignition/light switch to ON. Check that the indicator lights, signal lights and headlamp all function properly.
  2. Start the engine, check the tachometer operation and check that the indicator lights are working correctly.
  3. Test ride motorcycle to verify speedometer is functioning properly.
Figure 9. Service Parts: XL Tachometer Kit
Table 1. Service Parts Table
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Tachometer (5500 rpm redline)
Harness, speedo and tach (2004-2006 models)
Harness, speedo and tach (2007 models)
Bracket, speedo and tach
Cover, tach back
Cushion, front
Cushion, rear
Screw, cover (2)
Cable tie
Items mentioned in text, but not included in kit:
Cover speedometer back
Speedometer cushion, rear
Speedometer cushion, front
Indicator housing screw
Indicator housing
Indicator bezel