Kit Numbers
42053-05, 42054-05, 41300154
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Kit Contents
Kit 42053-05 contains one chrome rear caliper insert.
Kit 42054-05 contains one chrome front caliper insert.
Kit 41300154 contains one black front caliper insert.
  1. See Figure 1. Press in the upper tab (3) with a small screwdriver. Remove the original equipment (OE) brake caliper insert (1) from the brake caliper (2).
  2. NOTE
    When installing the front caliper insert, position the single prong tab (3) to the top of the caliper. When installing the rear caliper insert, position the single prong tab toward the front of the caliper.
  3. Install the new brake caliper insert into the brake caliper with the caliper oriented in the same manner as the stock insert.
1Brake caliper insert
2Brake caliper
3Single prong tab
Figure 1. Front Brake Caliper (VRSCR Model Shown)