Kit Number
This kit adapts to all touring air suspension components.
Kit Contents
This kit contains one touring suspension air pump.
There are no Service Parts available with this kit.
1. Remove cap from air suspension air valve and connect pump by threading the air valve adapter (1) on the pump as shown in Figure 1. When adapter is threaded properly, the current air pressure in the system will be indicated on the gauge of the pump.
See the motorcycle's Owner's Manual or, if installed, the air suspension lowering kit's instruction sheet for the recommended air pressures.
Using pressures outside the recommended loading range will result in a reduction of available suspension travel and reduced rider comfort.
Do not exceed maximum air pressure for suspension. Air components fill rapidly. Therefore, use low air line pressure. Failure to do so can result in possible damage to components. (00165b)
2. To increase pressure, operate the air pump handle (4) until the desired pressure is indicated on gauge (2).
The pressure release button is designed to release pressure slowly. If the button is completely or rapidly depressed, no air will be released. For the best results, depress the pressure release button slowly and only partially.
Use caution when bleeding air from the suspension. Moisture combined with lubricant may leak onto the rear wheel, tire and/or brake components and adversely affect traction, which could result in death or serious injury. (00084a)
3. To decrease pressure, slowly depress the pressure release button (3) on the pump until desired pressure is indicated on gauge (2).
1Air valve adapter
2Air pressure gauge
3Pressure release button
4Air pump handle
Figure 1. Touring Air Suspension Kit