Kit Number
25866-08, 25563-09
For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Kit Contents
There are no Service Parts available for this kit.
Additional Parts Required
Separate purchase of LOCTITE® 243 Threadlocker and Sealant (Blue) is required for proper installation of this kit. LOCTITE can be purchased from any Harley-Davidson Dealer.
On models without forward controls, it may be necessary to remove the left footpeg for removal and assembly of the derby cover.
1Button head cap screw and washer
Figure 1. Original Equiptment Derby Cover
1. See Figure 1. Remove the existing screws and washers (1) that secure the clutch inspection (derby) cover. Remove and discard the original cover (2).
2. Wipe groove on mating cover clean of any excess oil or debris.
3. Inspect O-ring (25463-94) for damage. If needed, replace if necessary.
4. See Figure 2. Apply a couple of drops of Loctite 243 to the threads of the cap screws and install the new cover and cable guard insert with the screws and flat washers. Cable guard should be positioned with hole inward toward the center of the circle. The insert seats in the derby cover over the cable and is held captive once the button head screws are tightened.
5. Tighten screws in a crosswise pattern to 9.5–12.2 N·m (84–108 in-lbs).
1New cover, reverse side
2Cable guard insert
Figure 2. Derby Cover Reverse Side and Cable Guard
To prevent damage to the cover surface, do not use any detergents, chemical solvents, polishes or abrasive cleaning agents.
To keep this surface in best condition, lightly wipe with a Harley-Davidson Micro Fiber cloth (94663-02), using clear water or a mild Harley-Davidson cleaner such as:
  • Sunwash (94659-98)
  • Bug Remover (94657-98)
  • Harley Gloss (94627-98).
These cleaners are available separately or as part of the Harley Care Starter Kit (94671-99A) and is available from your Harley Davidson Dealer.