Kit Number
This kit fits models equipped with vented fairing lowers.
Kit Contents
Table 1. Kit Contents
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Glove box liner, R.H.
Not Sold Separately
Glove box liner, L.H.
Not Sold Separately
There are no Service Parts available with this kit.
1Glove box door flap
2Anchor and draw string
3Glove box door
4Glove box tray
5Vent door
Figure 1. Lower Fairing Assembly
Figure 2. Glove Box (left side shown)
The molded glove box liners are labeled (Left and Right) for easier identification.
1. See Figure 3. Unfasten snaps to release glove box door flap.
2. Release anchor on draw string from hole in glove box door. Set door flap aside.
3. Wash the inside of the glove box with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
1Inside of glove box (original equipment)
2Door flap and snaps
3Draw string and anchor
Figure 3. Remove Glove Box Door Flap
Figure 4. Install Liner into Glove Box (right side shown)
4. See Figure 4. Compress liner with fingers and press into glove box.
5. Apply pressure on liner surfaces until it fits snugly inside glove box.
6. See Figure 5. Install anchor and draw string of glove box door flap into hole in glove box door.
7. Fasten snaps to install glove box door flap.
8. Repeat for molded glove box liner on opposite side.
1Draw string and anchor
2Door flap and snaps
3Inside of glove box (with liner installed)
Figure 5. Install Glove Box Door Flap