Kit Number
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of www.harley-davidson.com (English only).
Installation Requirements
Loctite® 262 Threadlocker and Sealant - Red (Part No. 94759-99) is required for proper installation of this kit. See a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Separate purchase of extra parts or accessories may be required for proper installation of this H-D® Detachables Kit. See the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of www.harley-davidson.com (English only) for a list of required parts or accessories.
FLTRU models: Separate purchase of a Detachable Tour-Pak Harness Kit (Part No. 69200181) is required for installation of this kit. See a Harley-Davidson dealer.
FLHTCU and FLHTK models: Add Passenger Push-to-Talk and volume control with the separate purchase and installation of a Push-to-Talk Harness (Part No. 77133-09). Installation instructions are included in this instruction sheet.
2011-later FLHTCU and FLHTK models require replacement of the connector on the switch sub-assembly with following components (sold separately):
  • (1) Pin housing (Part No. 72188-07BK)
  • (4) Pin terminals (Part No. 72169-07)
  • (2) Pin seals (Part No. 72473-07)
See the service manual for installation instructions.
Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit. Use the appropriate service manual procedures. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. (00333b)
This instruction sheet refers to service manual information. A service manual for this year/model motorcycle is required for this installation. One is available from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Do not exceed Tour-Pak weight capacity. Too much weight can cause loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00401c)
See label inside Tour-Pak, operator's manual, Tour-Pak installation instructions for weight capacity limits.
Kit Contents
See Figure 6 and Table 1.
To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove main fuse before proceeding. (00251b)
  • WITH security siren: With security fob present, turn ignition switch ON. Disarm security system. IMMEDIATELY remove the main fuse per the service manual.
  • WITHOUT security siren: See the service manual to remove the main fuse.
  1. Remove the saddlebags, seat and Tour-Pak per service manual instructions.
  2. See Figure 1. Remove the grab strap screws (5) and washers, grab strap (4) and forward saddlebag brackets (3). Save parts for installation.
  3. Remove and discard the rear fender support screw (6) and fender support cover (1). Repeat steps for the opposite side.
  4. Remove luggage rack-to-fender support fasteners (2) on each side.
  5. Remove the luggage rack.
1Fender support cover (2)
2Luggage rack-to-fender support screw (4)
3Forward saddlebag bracket (2)
4Grab strap
5Grab strap screw (2)
6Fender support screw, rear (2)
Figure 1. Remove Luggage Rack
Install Docking Brackets and License Plate Holder
Protect the painted surfaces with a soft, clean cloth.
1. Install the H-D Detachables Tour-Pak Rack Kit (included in this kit) to the Tour-Pak. Refer to the instructions provided with that kit.
2. See Figure 6. Apply Loctite 262 to screw (5). Install new fender support cover (29) and docking point bracket (3) with screw (5), chrome washer (8) and silver washer (33). Tighten to 23 N·m (17 ft-lbs). Repeat for the opposite side with new fender support cover (30).
3. Loosely install left side bracket (15) to docking point bracket, inserting alignment pin in the docking bracket hole. Install docking point (1) with screw (4) and nut (11). Repeat to install right side bracket (14).
4. Loosely assemble the license plate holder (12) with screws (6), nuts (10) and bracket (16) to brackets (14 and 15).
5. Center the license plate holder over the tail lamp. Tighten locknuts finger-tight.
6. Tighten screws (4) until snug.
7. Install the spacer (9), docking point (1), screw (17) and washer (7). Repeat steps for the opposite side. Tighten screws (17) until snug.
Check Docking Bracket Alignment
8. Install the H-D Detachables Tour-Pak Rack per the instructions in that kit. If the docking points are not spaced far enough apart to accommodate the rack:
a. Remove the rack.
b. See Figure 6. Remove two screws (17), washers (7), docking points (1) and spacers (9) from the forward docking point pins. Remove two screws (4), nuts (11) and docking points (1) from the rear docking point pins.
c. Get two chrome washers (32) from the kit. Install one washer onto each forward docking point pin.
d. Install the spacers (9) onto the forward pins.
e. Install docking points (1, chamfer end first), washers (7) and screws (17). Tighten screws until snug.
f. Install the remaining docking points (1, chamfer end last) onto screws (4). Install a chrome washer (32) from the kit onto each screw.
g. Insert the screws through the holes in the docking point brackets (2, 3) and license plate brackets (14, 15). Fasten with flange nuts (11). Tighten screws (4) and flange nuts (11) until snug.
9. Install H-D Detachables Tour-Pak Rack per instructions. Once docking points are properly aligned and spaced, tighten two screws (4) and flange nuts (11) to 34 N·m (25 ft-lbs). Tighten two screws (17) to 14 N·m (125 in-lbs).
10. Remove the rack.
11. Tighten license plate holder screws (6) to 20–26 N·m (15–19 ft-lbs).
12. Remove adhesive backing from red reflector (13). Carefully center and align the reflector with the bottom edge of the license plate holder (12). Press firmly into place.
Complete Docking Bracket Installation
13. See Figure 1. Install the forward saddlebag bracket (3), grab strap (4), washer and grab strap fastener (5). Tighten to 16–20 N·m (12–15 ft-lbs).
Install Antenna and Bracket
1. See Figure 2. Position the antenna bracket (5) as shown to the inside of the lower saddlebag support bar. Install screws (6). Tighten the screws to 2.5 N·m (22 in-lbs)
2. Install the internal tooth lockwasher (4) onto the larger threads of the antenna base (1), under the upper hex nut (3). Insert the antenna base through the hole in the antenna mounting bracket.
3. Install the lower hex nut (3) onto the threads of the antenna base. Tighten the lower nut to 8 N·m (6 ft-lbs).
4. See Figure 3. Gently remove left side cover (1) by pulling from frame tubes.
5. Route antenna cable/wiring between left frame rail and fender.
6. Coil excess antenna cable/wiring (2). Use long cable strap (3) to fasten cable to frame under left side cover (1) with vehicle wiring harness.
Route the antenna cable
  • rearward to the front luggage rack mount,
  • along the inside of the luggage rack,
  • down the saddlebag support bar,
  • to the underside of the new antenna bracket.
Correct the routing if necessary.
1Antenna base mount
2Antenna mast
3Hex nut (thin)
5Antenna mounting bracket
6TORX screw (2)
7Saddlebag rear support bracket
Figure 2. Antenna Mounting Bracket
1Side cover
2Antenna cable
3Cable strap
Figure 3. Side Cover and Antenna Cable Strap Location
7. Plug the antenna cable connector into the bottom of the antenna base. Tighten the knurled nut to secure the connector to the antenna base. Allow slack in the cable at the antenna base to avoid kinking or binding at the connection.
8. See Figure 6. Fasten the antenna cable to the saddlebag support bar with a cable strap (28) from the kit. Use a second cable strap to tie the antenna cable to the frame rail, near the suspension air lines, underneath the chrome cover. DO NOT secure the cable to the air lines.
9. See Figure 2. Install the antenna mast assembly (2) securely onto the antenna base (1).
To prevent possible damage to the sound system, verify that the ignition is OFF before installing the main fuse.
1. See the service manual to install the main fuse.
2. Test the radio for proper operation.
3. See Figure 6. Cap the unused wiring connector with the connector housing (27) from the kit.
4. See Figure 3. Install left side cover (1).
5. See Figure 4. Apply protective tape (2) to the rear saddlebag mounting bracket (1) on the saddlebag. Repeat steps for the opposite side.
1Rear saddlebag bracket (2)
2Protective tape (2)
Figure 4. Apply Protective Tape
6. See the service manual to install the saddlebags.
After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a loose seat can shift causing loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00070b)
7. See the service manual to install the seat.
Tour-Pak and Antenna Installation
  1. Install the H-D Detachables Tour-Pak Rack per instructions.
  2. See Figure 6. Thread the antenna adapter (22) onto the antenna mount joint assembly (24). Plug one end connector on the antenna cable (23) onto the top of the antenna adapter (22). Tighten the knurled nut to secure the connector. Route the other end up and through the 19 mm (¾ in) diameter hole at the bottom front left side of the Tour-Pak. Plug the antenna cable into the Tour-Pak antenna base. Tighten the knurled nut. Make sure enough cable has been routed into the Tour-Pak. The cable must rest flat on the Tour-Pak bottom. Secure the cable with wire clips inside the Tour-Pak.
  3. Install the grommet (25) into the hole in the Tour-Pak.
  4. Install the antenna mast onto the antenna base on the Tour-Pak.
  5. Check the antenna for proper operation.
Install Optional Push-To-Talk Harness
Add passenger push-to-talk and volume control with the separate purchase and installation of a Push-to-Talk Harness (Part No. 77133-09).
1. See the service manual to remove the seat.
2. See Figure 5. Install the push-to-talk switch housing (2) to the passenger headset plug housing (3). Position the switch housing so the knob is located close to the flip cap on the passenger headset connector.
3. Install the self-tapping screws (1) into the switch housing but do not fully tighten. Determine the final location after the seat and accessories are installed.
4. Pull the rear speaker/passenger control connector out of the right side speaker box and disconnect. Repeat with the left speaker harness.
5. Mark the right and left speaker/passenger connectors to ease future installation and removal.
6. Connect the right side speaker/passenger control connector to the end of the push-to-talk harness.
7. Position the left speaker harness connector so it is under the seat after seat installation.
8. If necessary, adjust the position of the push-to-talk switch housing. When in proper position, tighten the push-to-talk housing screws securely.
When the Tour-Pak is installed, disconnect the push-to-talk harness. Plug the left and right speaker connectors into the correct vehicle harness speaker connectors.
1Self-tapping screw (2)
2Push-to-talk swich housing
3Passenger headset connector
Figure 5. Install Push-to-Talk Harness
Tour-Pak Removal and Antenna Relocation
When the Tour-Pak is removed, the optional Push-to-Talk Harness (purchased separately) is used to provide volume control to the passenger headset.
  1. Remove the antenna mast from the Tour-Pak.
  2. See Figure 6. Remove the antenna cable (23) from the top of the antenna adapter (22).
  3. Remove the antenna adapter. Save for Tour-Pak installation.
  4. Remove the H-D Detachables Tour-Pak Rack per instructions.
  5. Install the antenna mast onto the antenna mount joint assembly (24).
  6. Check antenna for proper operation.
Figure 6. Service Parts, H-D Detachables Tour-Pak Kit
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
License plate relocation kit (includes items 1-17 and items 31-33)
Not sold separately
Docking point (4)
Bracket, docking point, right
Bracket, docking point, left
Screw, TORX, 3/8-16 x 41 mm (1⅝ in) long (2)
Cap screw, button head, TORX, 5/16-18 x 44 mm (1¾ in) long (6)
Screw, hex (2)
Plain washer, chrome, 7.26 mm (0.286 in) ID, 16 mm (0.630 in) OD (2)
Plain washer, chrome, 8.86 mm (0.349 in) ID, 17.6 mm (0.692 in) OD (6)
Spacers, docking point (2)
Flanged locknut, 5/16-18 (2)
Flanged locknut, 3/8-16 (2)
License plate holder
Bracket, right
Bracket, left
Bracket, center
Cap screw, button head, TORX, 1/4-20 x 16 mm (⅝ in) long (2)
Detachable Tour-Pak Rack Kit (not shown)
Nut, hex 1/2-20 (2)
Lockwasher, 1/2 in
Bracket, antenna mounting
Adapter, antenna
Cable, antenna
Joint assembly, antenna mount
Screw, TORX, #10-24 (2)
Connector housing
Cable strap (4) (not shown)
Fender support cover, left
Fender support cover, right (not shown)
Protective tape (2)
Plain washer, chrome, 10.3 mm (0.406 in) ID, 20.6 mm (0.813 in) OD (4)
Plain washer, heat treated, zinc plate (silver), 8.3 mm (0.325 in) ID, 15.7 mm (0.62 in) OD (6)
Items mentioned in text, but not included in kit