Kit Number
This kit is designed to work with Touring model hard saddlebags.
Kit Contents
This kit contains one saddlebag stand and two pieces of protective tape.
  1. See Figure 1. Apply protective tape (1) to saddlebag stand as shown. Repeat for opposite side.
  1. Open stand and press firmly to ground to set feet.
  2. If necessary, adjust feet so that they sit flat on the ground.
  3. See the owners manual and remove saddlebag from motorcycle.
  4. Install saddlebag to the stand. Orient the saddlebag as follows:
    1. Match front mounting point of the saddlebag to the mounting point of the stand.
    2. Align channel in bottom of saddlebag to fit over the bottom bar of the stand.
  5. See Figure 2. Secure saddlebag to stand with 1/4-turn fastener (1).
  6. Close saddlebag lid (2).
  7. Repeat for opposite saddlebag.
1Protective tape (2)
Figure 1. Apply Protective Tape
11/4-turn fastener (2)
2Saddlebag lid (2)
Figure 2. Install Saddlebags to Stand