Kit Number
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Tools and Supplies Required
Loctite® 222 MS Threadlocker and Sealant - Purple (H-D Part No. 99811-97) is required for the proper installation of this kit. This item is available from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Kit Contents
There are no service parts available for this kit.
To prevent scratching the paint, thoroughly wash the fenders to remove any dirt and debris, and dry completely.
The rear fender bras are designed to have an extremely tight fit that may make installation difficult, especially for the first time. To ease installation, warm the bras by exposure to direct sunlight or a hair dryer prior to installation. Improper or tight fitment is not a warrantable condition.
1. Remove two screws (3) and the tail lamp/turn signal lens (2) from the chrome base (4) on one side of the vehicle.
2. Disconnect the tail lamp/turn signal connector from the chrome lamp base.
3. Select the correct-side rear fender bra (1). Drape the bra, fleece side down, over the top of the fender with the narrow end to the rear.
4. Hook the inside pocket (8) over the leading edge (9) of the wheel opening.
5. Use a 25.4–50.8 mm (1.0–2 in) piece of anti-abrasion tape (11) to protect the finish, then hook the lower clip (10) under the inner front of the fender. Install another piece of tape, and hook the upper clip over the edge of the wheel opening.
6. Remove the screw (5) and flat washer (6), and the chrome lamp base from the fender.
7. Position the rear tab (7) over the screw hole in the fender. Position the chrome base over the bra tab. Align the mounting holes in the tab, chrome base and fender.
8. Apply Loctite Low Strength Threadlocker 222 (purple), and install the screw (5) and flat washer (6) to fasten the chrome base to the fender bracket. Do not fully tighten.
9. Smooth out any wrinkles, and make sure the bra lays flat against the fender.
10. Tighten the screw to 4.1–5.4 N·m (36–48 in-lbs).
11. Connect the tail lamp/turn signal connector to the chrome lamp base.
12. Place the lamp lens into position against the base. Install two screws and tighten to 2.4–2.7 N·m (21–24 in-lbs).
13. Repeat on the opposite side of the vehicle.
1Rear fender bra (right side shown)
2Tail lamp/turn signal lens
3#8-32 Phillips head screw (2)
4Chrome tail lamp/turn signal base
51/4-20 Phillips head screw
6Flat washer
7Rear tab of bra
8Wheel opening pocket
9Leading edge of wheel opening
10Fender clip (2)
11Anti-abrasion tape (2)
Figure 1. Trike Rear Fender Bra Installation