Kit Number
84023-11 (red light), 84028-11 (smoked light)
For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Additional Parts Required
Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit. Use the appropriate service manual procedures. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. (00333b)
This instruction sheet references service manual information. A service manual for your model motorcycle is required for this installation and is available from a Harley-Davidson Dealer.
Kit Contents
See Figure 4 and Table 1.
Do not install this kit if it is below 50° F.
1. Remove the main fuse.
2. Remove the seat.
1Muffler skirt
Figure 1. Muffler skirt
3. See Figure 1 and Figure 4. Position the chrome fascia (1) against the outer trike body muffler skirt. Make sure that the fascia is centered and that its top edge is in contact with the underside of the trike body lip. Do not remove the backing from the adhesive pads. Temporarily tape or hold the fascia in place.
4. Mark the muffler skirt using the holes in the fascia as a template. Three holes are required.
5. Remove the fascia and drill a 7/32 inch hole at each outer mark and a 3/8 inch hole at the center mark. Verify that the drilled holes are parallel with the ground.
6. Thoroughly clean the outside and the left inside of the muffler skirt with a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. Let dry completely.
7. Remove the backing from the adhesive pads on the fascia.
8. Align the fascia holes with the drilled holes in the muffler skirt. Press and hold the fascia against the skirt for one minute.
9. See Figure 4. Bolt the fascia in place using the socket head screw #10 (5) and nut (3). Torque to 2.26 N·m (20 in-lbs).
10. Support the vehicle and remove the left side wheel using service manual instructions to provide access to the inside wall of the trike body.
11. Obtain the LED assembly (2). Feed the wiring through the center hole in the fascia and install the assembly using the #6 screws (4). Torque to 1.69 N·m (15 in-lbs).
12. See Figure 2. Using the adhesive backed clips, existing trike clips, and the cable ties, route the wiring along the inside of the body as shown bringing the wires out under the seat area.
1New clip
2New cable tie
3Existing clip
Figure 2. Wire Harness Routing (Underneath view of trike body. All chassis components removed for clarity)
13. See Figure 4. Plug the pin terminated wires into the 6-pin connector terminal (10) as detailed below:
  • Blue = Cavity 6
  • Red/Yellow = Cavity 5
  • Black = Cavity 4
  • Cavities 1-3 are not used
  1. See Figure 4. Plug the Y-harness (11) between the main harness and the trike rear stop/tail/turn module.
  2. Plug the 6-pin connector terminal (10) into the Y-harness.
  3. Use the remaining cable straps to tie the Y-harness and the LED wiring to adjacent wiring or frame members. Make sure that the wiring and connectors do not interfere with seat installation
  4. Install the main fuse.
  5. Verify run/brake operation. With the ignition on, LED assembly is illuminated. With brakes applied, LED assembly is brightly illuminated.
  6. Install left side wheel using service manual instructions.
  7. Install seat.
1Main harness connection
2Module connection
3Light fascia connection
Figure 3. Wire Harness Connections
Figure 4. Service Parts: TRIGLIDE Light Fascia
Table 1. Service Parts Table
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Kit 84023-11
Triglide light fascia, rear, red lens
Fascia, chrome plated
Not Sold Separately
LED rear light insert, red lens
Kit 84028-11
Triglide light fascia, rear, smoke lens
Fascia, chrome plated
Not Sold Separately
LED rear light insert, smoke lens
Items common to both kits:
Nut, nyloc, #10-24 unc, zinc plated (2)
Not Sold Separately
Socket head screw, #6-32 unc x 75, 18-8 ss (2)
Not Sold Separately
Socket head screw, #10-24 unc x 1.25, zinc plate (2)
Not Sold Separately
Tape, double-coated foam, black
Not Sold Separately
Tape, double-coated foam, black (2)
Not Sold Separately
Washer, flat, zinc plate (2)
Not Sold Separately
Wire clip (3)
Terminal pin, six pin connector
Y-harness, 6 pin/socket connector
Cable strap, 6 inch, black nylon (6)