Kit Number
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Installation Requirements
Make sure that ambient temperature is at least 16 °C (60 °F) for proper adhesion of the foam seals to the inside of the outer fairing.
Kit Contents
See Figure 3 and Table 1.
Record screw locations in Steps 1-2 before removal to aid in later assembly.
1Screws securing windshield (3)
2Screws securing outer fairing (4)
Figure 1. Fairing/Windshield Screws
  1. See Figure 1. Remove three screws (1) securing the windshield at the top of the outer fairing.
Non-US models-require installation of outer fairing seals.
US models-seals are optional and can be used for cosmetic purposes.
  1. To install seals:
    1. Remove four screws (2) retaining the outer fairing to the inner fairing. Remove windshield. Remove outer fairing.
    2. See Figure 3. Clean the inside edges at each end of the outer fairing in the area of the dashed lines with a 50-50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Allow to dry completely.
    3. Test-fit the seals to the fairing before installation. Do not remove the protective tape until ready to apply the seals. The foam seals (5 and 6) are side-specific. The notches are not centered on the seals. One end segment is 64 mm (2.5 in) long, slightly longer than the opposite end. When installed on the outer fairing, the notches face down, positioned over the two alignment features (D) closest to the center of the fairing (see inset C). The longer end segments install toward the center of the fairing.
    4. Remove the protective tape from the adhesive backing of one foam seal. Install the seal, following the outer edge of the fairing with the upper edge of the seal. Wrap the lower edge of the seal around the fairing inner edge and fasten to the underside. Repeat for the remaining seal.
  1. Get the new, longer screw (3) and new washer (4) from the kit. Install the washer onto the screw threads. Insert the screw into the upper center mounting hole. Start the screw into the center windshield mounting threaded insert in the inner fairing, but do not tighten.
  2. Get one of the shorter original equipment (OE) windshield mounting screws removed earlier. Start the screw into one side windshield mounting hole.
  3. See Figure 3. Slide the lower portion (A, shown shaded) of the fairing pouch (1) between the inner and outer fairings. Position the center notch and one side notch onto the screws. Slide the windshield down between the outer fairing and the fairing pouch.
  4. NOTE
    If installing only this kit, use the black OE windshield mounting screws and screw (3) from this kit.
    If also installing a Windshield Molding Kit, use the chrome screws from that kit. Discard the OE windshield mounting screws and screw (3) from this kit.
2Outer fairing
6Inner fairing threaded insert
Figure 2. Spacer location
1. See Figure 2. Get three spacers (3) from the kit (the fourth spacer is provided as a spare).
a. Get the remaining OE short windshield mounting screw removed earlier. Holding one of the spacers by the stalk, insert the spacer between the outer fairing and windshield with the stalk pointing up.
b. Insert the screw (1) through the outer fairing (2), spacer (3), windshield (4) and fairing pouch (5). Thread the screw into the inner fairing threaded insert (6), but do not fully tighten.
c. Twist the stalk to break it off from the spacer.
d. Remove the center screw, and repeat the spacer installation. Remove the remaining end screw, and repeat the spacer installation.
2. Make sure that both the windshield and fairing pouch are fully seated.
3. See Figure 1. Tighten the three windshield screws (1) to 2.8–3.4 N·m (25–30 in-lbs).
  1. Verify all magnets are in place.
  2. Verify all pocket lids closed properly.
  3. Verify pocket contents are fully enclosed in each pocket, and that the lid closes properly.
  4. Verify that the pocket lids are secure and that they function properly prior to each use.
Figure 3. Service Parts, Multi-Pocket Fairing Pouch
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Fairing pouch, multi-pocket
Not sold separately
Spacer (4)
Screw, button head
Plain washer
Seal, outer fairing (left)
Seal, outer fairing (right)
Items mentioned in text, but not included in kit:
Lower portion of fairing pouch
Longer seal end
View inside outer fairing
Alignment feature (2)