Touring Contoured Side Cover Kit
Kit Number
61300671, 61300923, 61300960, 61301098
For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or (English only).
Installation Requirements
Have the following items at hand:
  • Distilled water
  • JOHNSON & JOHNSON® Baby Shampoo
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Squeegee (3M part number 71607 or equivalent)
Kit Contents
See Figure 1 and Table 1.
There are no service parts available with this kit.
  1. Remove saddlebags. See the service manual or owner's manual.
  2. Remove side covers.
    1. Pull side cover to remove.
  3. Install new side covers.
    1. Align barbed studs with grommets in frame.
    2. Firmly push cover into place.
    3. Verify that all three barbed studs are fully engaged.
  4. Verify clearance between the top of the side cover and the bottom of the seat. If contact is present proceed to optional step.
  5. Install saddlebags. See the service manual or owner's manual.
  • Do not apply to new paint (including touch-up paint). Allow paint to cure for a minimum of 30 days before applying protective film.
  • Do not apply in windy conditions or in direct sunlight.
  • Install when ambient temperature is between 15.5–32 °C (60–90 °F).
  • Wash hands throughly and keep fingers wet with water/shampoo mixture during installation. To avoid fingerprints, do not touch adhesive with dry fingers.
  • Keep film and squeegee wet during installation.
  • See Figure 1. Identify each film piece and its mounting location before proceeding. The film pieces are side-specific.
  • Start with the top of the piece.
  • When smoothing the film into place with the squeegee, work from the center toward the end. Continually spray the film with solution during the installation.
  • The soap solution allows the film to be slightly repositioned.
  • The alcohol solution fixes the adhesive and can slightly stretch the film.
  • If wrinkles are found after applying the alcohol solution, spray more alcohol solution under the wrinkle and squeegee again.
Prepare solutions on the day of installation.
Prepare Solutions
  1. Prepare two solutions in spray bottles:
    1. Slip Solution: Thoroughly mix 16 oz (473 mL) of distilled water and 2-3 drops of baby shampoo. The solution should sheet off the paint guards with minimum froth.
    2. Tack Solution: Using 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, mix a solution that is 10% alcohol and 90% distilled water.
Install Protective Film
  1. See Figure 1. Wash mounting areas throughly. Allow to dry completely.
  2. Wet the mounting surface and fingers thoroughly with the soap solution.
  3. Align the protective film.
    1. Roll a small section of the paper backing away from the adhesive surface.
    2. Align along inner top edge of side cover and install protective tape.
    3. When aligned properly, slow roll the remaining backing from the film.
  4. When the backing is fully removed, spray the entire film with soap solution and smooth into place by hand.
  5. NOTE
    If repositioning is needed, spray more of the soap solution on the film and hands and position as necessary.
  6. Set into place.
    1. Gently lift the leading edge of the film about half-way.
    2. Spray the film and mounting surface with the water/alcohol mixture.
    3. Starting from the center, work toward the end using the squeegee to remove air bubbles. Use firm strokes with the squeegee to work out all the air. Do not cut or tear the film.
    4. Gently lift the other end of the film and repeat steps.
    5. Wipe film dry with a Harley-Davidson® Microfiber Detailing Cloth (94663-02).
    6. Check for water pockets or air bubbles. If necessary, spray with more alcohol solution and squeegee again.
  7. If necessary, the film can be lifted to reposition.
    1. Spray the paint guard film, the mounting surface and your fingers with the alcohol solution.
    2. Reposition as needed.
    3. Squeegee until all water pockets and air bubbles are removed.
  8. Repeat all steps for the other side cover.
Figure 1. Service Parts: Touring Side Cover Kit
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Side cover, right, solid (Kit 61300671)
Side cover, right, design (Kit 61300923)
Side cover, right, pinstripe (Kit 61300690)
Side cover, right, solid (Kit 61301098)
Side cover, left, graphic (Kit 61300671)
Side cover, left, solid (Kit 61300923)
Side cover, left, pinstripe (Kit 61300960)
Side cover, left, graphic (Kit 61301098)
Protective film, right
Protective film, left
1 The suffix is a dealer look up for a paint specific three letter color code.