Kit Number
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
This kit is not compatible with a Narrow Rear Directional Bar (Part No. 68611-98).
Red turn signal lenses are not legal in all jurisdictions. Check regulations.
Installation Requirements
Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit. Use the appropriate service manual procedures. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. (00333b)
This instruction sheet refers to service manual information. A service manual for this year/model motorcycle is required for this installation. One is available from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
It is possible to overload the vehicle's charging system by adding too many electrical accessories. If the combined electrical accessories operating at any one time consume more electrical current than the vehicle's charging system can produce, the electrical consumption can discharge the battery and cause damage to the vehicle's electrical system. (00211d)
When installing any electrical accessory, be certain not to exceed the maximum amperage rating of the fuse or circuit breaker protecting the affected circuit being modified. Exceeding the maximum amperage can lead to electrical failures, which could result in death or serious injury. (00310a)
This kit requires up to 4.5 amps more current from the brake lamp circuit while brakes are applied.
Kit Contents
See Figure 2 and Table 1.
See the service manual to remove the seat . Retain the seat and all mounting hardware.
Vehicles WITHOUT Security Siren
To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove main fuse before proceeding. (00251b)
  1. See the service manual to remove the main fuse.
Vehicles WITH Security Siren
  1. With security fob present, turn ignition switch ON. After system is disarmed, turn ignition switch OFF. IMMEDIATELY remove the main fuse per the service manual. See the warning under Vehicles WITHOUT security siren, earlier in this section.
  2. Turn the ignition switch OFF unless already done.
1. See Figure 1. Locate the rear wiring harness coming out of the rear fender in the area underneath the seat. Unplug the six-way Multilock rear fender wiring connector [7B] from the main harness connector [7A].
Figure 1. Six-Way Rear Lighting Harness Connector [7] Under Seat (FLHR/C Shown)
2. See Figure 2. Get the turn signal module (1) from the kit. Mate the module connectors to the connectors from Step 1. Snap into place.
Due to variations between models, there is no single best location to secure the module. When deciding on a location:
  • Make sure that connectors and module are not bound when the seat is reinstalled.
  • Make sure that wiring is not pinched when the seat is reinstalled.
  • Make sure to maintain clearance between the wiring harness and the rear wheel underneath the fender.
3. Use cable straps (3) from the kit to secure the module, connector and wiring in the area underneath the seat.
4. Remove the screws from the original amber rear turn signal lens. Remove and discard the lens.
5. See Figure 2. Get one of the red turn signal lenses (2) from the kit. Install the red lens into the rear turn signal housing. Fasten with the original screws. Tighten securely. Repeat for the other lens.
Verify that the ignition is OFF before installing the main fuse.
1. See the service manual to install the main fuse.
Be sure that all lights and switches operate properly before operating motorcycle. Low visibility of rider can result in death or serious injury. (00316a)
2. Turn the ignition ON, but do not start the motorcycle. Check for proper lamp function:
  • With ignition ON, the left and right turn signal lamps and the center tail lamp are illuminated.
  • With brake lever or brake pedal actuation, the left and right turn signal lamps and the center tail lamp brightens.
  • With left or right turn signal actuation, the correct vehicle turn signal flashes.
  • With hazard warning (emergency four-way flasher) actuation, both turn signals flash.
After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a loose seat can shift causing loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00070b)
  1. See the service manual to install the seat.
Service Parts
Figure 2. Service Parts, Auxiliary Brake/ Run/ Turn Signal Conversion Kit
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Module converter assembly
Not Sold Separately
Lens (2)
Cable strap (6)