XL Passenger Pillion
Kit Number
52400125, 52400127
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of www.harley-davidson.com (English only).
Installation Requirements
Do not install these seat kits on motorcycles that are not equipped with an appropriate grab strap and passenger footpegs. If footpegs and grab strap are not installed, passenger could fall from moving motorcycle or grab onto operator, causing loss of control and death or serious injury. (00410b)
On models without passenger footpegs, install Passenger Footpeg Kit 50500270 for 2014 and later models. Install Passenger Footpeg Kit 50203-04 for 2004 through 2013 models.
Kit Contents
See Figure 5 and Table 1.
Avoid scratching the paint surfaces during the removal and installation of the seat.
  1. Remove original seat according to the owner's manual instructions. All models except 2010 and later XL1200X, XL1200V, XL1200N, XL883N: save the seat mounting screw (part number 2952A) to install the new seat. 2010 and later XL1200X, XL1200V, XL1200N, XL883N: discard the seat mounting screw.
1. See Figure 1. Remove the two screws (2) securing the rear seat bracket (1). Remove the bracket. Discard bracket. For 52400125: Save screws for installation on pillion. For 52400127: Discard screws.
1Mounting bracket
5Wrench Retention Pocket
Figure 1. Bracket, Screws, Keyhole and Tongue
2. See Figure 2. Remove the plastic plug (3) from the rear hole location in the fender.
3. Install retention nut (1) and washer (2) to the rear location on the fender where the plug was removed.
1Seat retention nut
2Seat retention washer
3Plastic pulg
4Middle fender hole location
5Rear fender hole location
6Front fender hole location
Figure 2. Seat Retention Nut and Washer Locations
4. See Figure 3. A cable strap (3) can be used as an installation tool.
a. Place the retention nut (1) over the cable strap. Position so the wide end of the nut rests on the eye of the cable strap.
b. Thread the cable strap up under the fender and through the fender hole.
c. Pull up on the cable strap to hold the nut snug against the underside of the fender.
d. Seat the retention nut in the fender hole. Slide the retention washer (2) into place from the rear. The retention nut is now locked in place.
XL 883N, XL 1200C, XL 1200T, XL 1200V, XL 1200X seat retention nut is not necessary. Pillion installs in an existing retention nut.
5. Place the stock seat or the solo accessory seat upside down on a work surface.
2Retention washer
3Cable Tool
Figure 3. Retention Nut, Washer and Cabel Strap
6. See Figure 4. Attach the passenger pillion to the solo seat by sliding the metal bracket on the pillion over the solo seat. For 52400125: Attach metal tab on pillion to solo seat with OE flange screws (C). For 52400127: Attach metal tab on pillion to solo seat with new screws from kit (3). Tighten to 4.5–6.8 N·m (40–60 in-lbs).
7. Install the grab strap (4) onto the bottom of the seat. Hook one side of the grab strap onto the tang (5) on the underside of the seat. Loop the grab strap over the seat. Hook the remaining side onto the other tang.
1Passenger Pillion
2Pillion tounge
4Grab strap
7Solo seat
Figure 4. Pillion and Grab Strap Installation
8. See Figure 5. Install the new seat bracket (2). Secure with screws (3). Tighten to 4.5–6.8 N·m (40–60 in-lbs).
The foam cushion of the seat is compressed as the seat is slid forward to engage the post on the frame when the seat is dropped into place. When properly installed, the front tongue on the underside of the seat fits snugly in the groove at the fuel tank rear mounting location. The keyhole on the underside of the seat locks the seat to the post on the frame.
9. The seat and pillion assembly attaches to the vehicle at three points. Install the seat and pillion: Angle the front of the seat. Place the tongue engaging the slot at the rear of the fuel tank mounting location.
a. The tongue fits under the rear fuel tank bracket.
b. The keyhole locks onto the seat post.
c. The rear mounting bracket attaches to the rear seat nut in the fender with a screw.
10. Push the seat forward. Rotate the rear of the seat downward until the seat contacts the frame. Flex the seat slightly.
11. Pull up on the center of the seat to verify that it is locked into place.
12. Install the saved screw (part number 2952A) and fasten the seat mounting bracket to the top of the rear fender.
13. For XL 1200X, XL 1200V, XL 1200N, XL 883N models: Mount seat using guide washer (part number 7487) underneath seat mounting tab. Mount seat using existing screw (part number 3085) in rear screw hole. Purchase of quick release hardware (part number 51676-97A) may be used in lieu of existing screw 3085. .
14. Tighten the mounting bracket screw securely. Tighten to 2.3–4.6 N·m (20–40 in-lbs).
After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a loose seat can shift causing loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00070b)
15. Pull up on the front and rear of the seat again to verify that it is properly secured.
Figure 5. Service Parts: XL Pillion
Table 1. Service Parts Table
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Passenger pillion seat
Not sold separately
Seat bracket
Screw (2)
Seat retention nut and washer kit
Cable strap
Not Sold Separately
Passenger grab strap (Kit 52400125 only)
Passenger grab strap (Kit 52400127 only)
Guide washer
Items referenced in text, but not included in kit:
Mounting screw
Mounting screw
Pillion tounge