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For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
The internal lithium battery is NOT replaceable. Consumers are responsible for recycling used electronics. Dispose in accordance with methods that meet or exceed all state and federal environmental laws.
Visit for the latest instruction sheet.
The headset functions differently based on whether it is:
  • Paired to the phone.
  • Paired to the WHIM.
Headset will ONLY pair to Harley-Davidson Boom! Box 6.5GT or GTS radio via a WHIM.
Headset WILL NOT pair directly to a Harley-Davidson radio via the radio's Bluetooth menu. There is no need to pair a headset to the phone with a WHIM.
If the vehicle has a WHIM installed, use the following instructions.
Pair with Phone (without WHIM)
Disregard this instruction sheet for all steps related to pairing and radio interaction. See the Sena User’s Guide for mobile phone pairing or additional information pertaining to the wireless headset.
Pair with Boom! Box 6.5 GT Radio
These items are available at your local Harley-Davidson dealership.
  • 2014 and later Touring and Trike models: Separate purchase of Wireless Headset Interface Module (WHIM) (Part No. 76000768) is required.
  • 2014-2018 Touring and Trike models: Separate purchase of Wireless Headset Interface Module Harness (Part No. 69201726).
  • FLHTCU(L), FLHTK(L,SE) and FLHX(S,SE) models: Satellite radio requires relocation of antenna. New bracket is included in kit.
  • Software flash in Digital Tech II. Performed by Harley-Davidson dealer.
  • Radio software updated to most recent version. See
How do I know that I have a WHIM?
If the Wireless Headset selection in Step 3 cannot be found in the menu as directed in the Wireless Headset Setup, the WHIM is not installed on the vehicle.
Read the User’s Guide for additional information pertaining to the wireless headset. Also see > Owners > Infotainment > Software Updates > Wireless Technology tab for the latest version of User's Guide and related information to Boom! Audio Bluetooth products or visit your local Harley-Davidson dealership.
Getting Started
See quick-start guide provided with this product for basic operation of the Bluetooth module.
Charge wireless headset by connecting the supplied USB power and data cable into a computer USB port or USB wall charger. Use any standard micro-USB cable to charge the headset. The LED turns red while the headset is charging and turns blue when it is fully charged. It takes about 2.5 hours to charge completely.
Headset Software Version
The headset supports firmware upgrade function. Visit to check for the latest software downloads.
Powering On and Off
  • Powering On: Press and hold the Center Button and the (+) Button at the same time for 1 second to power on. The blue status LED turns on and you will hear ascending beeps and Hello.
  • Powering Off: Press the Center Button and the (+) Button simultaneously (you do not need to press and hold in order for the system to power off). The red status LED turns on for about 2 seconds until it turns off completely and you will hear Goodbye and descending beeps.
2Center button
3(+) Button
4Status LED
5Charging and firmware port
6Charging LED
7(-) Button
Figure 1. EXPAND Headset
Before using the wireless headset with any Bluetooth devices for the first time, you will need to pair them together. For example, it can be paired with Bluetooth mobile phones, Bluetooth stereo devices such as MP3 players, or motorcycle-specific Bluetooth GPS navigation, and with other Boom! Audio Bluetooth headsets. This pairing operation is only required once for any Bluetooth device. The headset remains paired with the devices and automatically reconnects to them when they are within range. You will hear a high tone single beep and a voice prompt when the headset connects to the paired device automatically:
When a headset is paired to the motorcycle, it will say Your Headset is Paired, Boom! Audio Connected. After this initial pairing, every time the headset connects to the motorcycle you will hear Boom! Audio Connected.
When a headset is paired to a phone, it will confirm the pairing by saying Your Headset is Paired. After this initial pairing, every time the headset reconnects to the phone it will say Phone Connected.
Boom! Box GTS/6.5 GT Pairing
GTS radio is operated by touching the glass screen display. Navigating through the screens can be performed by:
  • Touch: Press key on the screen.
  • Swipe: Menu will skip to next page or to more selections.
  • Drag: Scroll bar up or down.
1. Turn vehicle ignition switch to accessory.
2. Turn on wireless headset.
3. Navigate: Home > Setup > Wireless Headset Setup.
Rider's headset should be paired first followed by the passenger.
Place headset into pairing mode.
a. Press center button until voice prompt says Configuration Menu.
b. Press (+) button.
c. Voice prompt says Phone Pairing.
5. Select: Boom! Audio Expand v1.0....
Boom! Box GTS radio is shown. Radio screen for 6.5 GT will vary but instruction content is the same.
The information given in this procedure is only informational. The exact Model/Software Version and Address will vary upon the product that is paired to the vehicle.
See Figure 2. When the wireless headset is properly paired, it will confirm:
a. Model/Software Version:
b. Bluetooth Address:
c. Status:
Figure 2. Paired Headset Shown on 6.5 GTS
7. Perform same procedure for pairing wireless headset for passenger.
Headset-to-Headset Intercom Pairing
When in pairing mode, do one device at a time in the area of the motorcycle and headset.
Read the User’s Guide for information pertaining to the wireless headset to headset intercom setup and usage.
Unpair Wireless Headset
1. Navigate: Home > Setup > Wireless Headset.
2. Select: Manage Rider or Passenger headset.
3. Press Forget to unpair rider or passenger wireless headset from the Boom! System.
Reset Factory Headset Settings
When performing this procedure, the link between the Boom! Infotainment system and headset will be broken. The wireless headsets must be paired again for system communications to operate properly.
To restore factory default settings on the EXPAND, press the (+) Button or the (-) Button until you hear the voice prompt, Factory reset. Press the Center Button to confirm. The EXPAND powers off with a voice prompt, Headset reset, goodbye.
You can also restore factory default settings on EXPAND by pressing the Center Button and the (+) Button for 12 seconds and tap Center Button to confirm.
Fault Reset
When the EXPAND is not working properly or is faulty for any reason, you may reset it by pushing the pinhole reset button at the back of the headset main unit.
1. See Figure 3. Rotate the speaker pad (1) of the left headset counterclockwise to detach it.
2. Insert a paper clip into the reset pin-hole and press the reset button (2) for a second using light pressure. The EXPAND will be switched off, and have to turn the system back on and try again. However, this will not restore the headset to the factory default settings.
1Speaker pad
2Reset button
Figure 3. Fault Reset
Figure 4. Expand Ear Pads
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
USB and data cable
Microphone windscreen
Ear pads (2)