Table 1. General Information
Suggested Tools
Skill Level(1)
Safety Glasses, Power drill, 10 mm or 25/64" drill bit, Wrench (17 mm, socket or adjustable), Hammer, Screwdrivers (Flat & Phillips head), 6mm Hex wrench, Felt Marker, Anti-corrosion paint/sealer, Epoxy (optional)
(1) Only simple tools and techniques required
Figure 1. Kit Contents: Security Anchor Installation Kit
Verify all contents are present in the kit before installing or removing items from vehicle.
Table 2. Kit Contents: Security Anchor Installation Kit
Part No.
Mounting plate
Not sold separately
Nut, hex
Not sold separately
Washer, flat
Not sold separately
Washer, lock
Not sold separately
Nut, rivet
Not sold separately
Verify all contents are present in the kit before installing or removing items from vehicle.
For model fitment information, see the Parts and Accessories (P&A) Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of
Verify that the most current version of the instruction sheet is used. It is available at:
Contact Harley-Davidson Customer Support Center at 1-800-258-2464 (U.S. only) or 1-414-343-4056.
Installation Requirements
Separate purchase of Security Anchor Kit (92800013) is required.
Two people are recommended for the installation of this kit.
This kit is not intended to be used as a tie-down. Anchor is only intended to serve as a loop point for a lock.
Failure to follow these instructions could lead to equipment or property damage as well as potentially hazardous conditions, which if not avoided or corrected, may cause death or serious injury.
1. Choose location to permanently mount ground anchor.
2. Verify that ground anchor is flat on truck bed/trailer surface.
3. See Figure 2. Ensure space between baseplate and steel baseplate assembly is less than 48 mm (1.9 in). This is to ensure that nuts have proper amount of thread.
1Truck bed/Trailer
2Expanding shield nut
348 mm (1.9") Space between baseplates
Figure 2. Security Anchor Baseplate/Steel Baseplate
1. See Figure 6. Remove cover (4) by placing a flat head screw driver under slot slowly (on both sides) until it pops out.
2. Outline baseplate (3) and center point of one hole with felt marker on desired location.
3. See Figure 1. Take mounting plate (1) and check underneath vehicle or trailer to make sure it does not interfere with any gas lines or electrical lines.
Test marked center point by using a smaller drill bit as a pilot hole and very carefully drill until it completely goes through material you are drilling into.
Careful not to have any sharp edges left around holes if drilling through metal.
4. See Figure 1. Recheck to ensure that mounting plate (1) is not obstructed underneath.
a. If OK continue to Step 5.
b. If NOT repeat Step 1.
5. Drill hole straight and vertical completely through truck bed/trailer on center point of marked hole.
6. See Figure 6. Place baseplate (3) over outlined mark made earlier.
7. Mark center point of next hole.
8. Drill hole.
9. Repeat steps (6-8) two more times.
10. After drilling into truck or trailer bed, add a coating of anti-corrosion paint or sealer on top and bottom of drilled holes. This is to help prevent rusting.
11. See Figure 3. Install baseplate (3) and four hex head bolts (1).
12. See Figure 3 and Figure 4. Install mounting plate (4) to underside of truck bed/trailer.
13. Install washer (2) and locknut (3). Tighten until snug.
14. Repeat step 13 on next bolt diagonal from one just install.
15. For permanent installation/added protection: See Figure 3 and Figure 4. Install washer (2), split washer (4) and anti-tamper security break-off nut (5) to remaining bolts.
Verify that plate stays in place while tightening.
16. See Figure 4. Secure hex head bolts (1) in place with 6 mm Allen wrench, tighten all lock nuts (3) evenly with a wrench until snug.
17. See Figure 4. Tighten both anti-tamper security break-off nuts (5) by tightening up to 3 turns each until snug.
18. Once snug apply turning force to wrench until anti-tamper security break-off nuts (5) breaks apart. This makes nuts permanently fixed.
This is the anti-theft part that will stop someone from undoing base plate from truck bed/trailer floor. For extra security, add epoxy to cover/fill in area.
19. See Figure 5. Install security ball bearing (1) into top of hex head bolt (2) cavity.
a. With hammer, tap expanding shield nuts (3) as far as it will go.
20. Repeat step (19) for remaining three bolts.
21. See Figure 6. Install cover (2) over U-bolt (3) on baseplate.
22. See Figure 6. Install bolts (1). Tighten until snug.
23. See Figure 6. Install cover (4) and plugs into open holes.
a. Push plugs in with even thumb pressure.
1Bolt (4)
2Baseplate, security anchor
3Truck bed/Trailer
4Mounting plate
Figure 3. Security Anchor Installation Truck Bed/Trailer
1Mounting plate
2Washer (4)
3Nut (4)
4Washer, split (2)
5Security break-off nut (2)
Figure 4. Baseplate Installation
1Security ball bearing (4)
2Bolt (4)
3Expanding shield nut (4)
Figure 5. Hardened Security Ball Bearing
1Bolt, phillips head (2)
2Cover, security
3U-bolt/base plate
4Cover, logo
Figure 6. Security Anchor Installation
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