Kit Number
51157-04, 51615-99C, 51617-99C, 51093-04A, 52976-05, 52609-05, 51630-06, 51726-05, 52398-07
For model fitment information, see the P&A Retail Catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Kit Contents
Table 1. Service Parts: Touring Seats
Grab strap for Kits 51615-99C, 51617-99C, 51093-04A, 51630-06, 51726-05
Grab strap for Kits 51157-04, 52609-05
Grab strap for Kit 52976-05
Grab strap for Kit 52398-07
Not sold separately
Leather Care Kit (included with Kit 52398-07 only)
Not sold separately
Rider and passenger safety depend upon the correct installation of this kit. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation. Improper installation of this kit could result in death or serious injury. (00308b)
Do not install these seat kits on motorcycles that are not equipped with an appropriate grab strap and passenger footpegs. If footpegs and grab strap are not installed, passenger could fall from moving motorcycle or grab onto operator, causing loss of control and death or serious injury. (00410b)
Cover the painted surfaces with protective material to prevent scratches or other damage.
  1. Remove the left saddlebag from motorcycle. Save all hardware for installation.
  2. Remove existing grab strap from left side of vehicle by removing bolt and forward saddlebag mounting bracket. Note the mounting orientation of the grab strap, saddlebag mounting bracket and hardware for installation of the new grab strap.
  3. Remove stock seat from motorcycle. For FLHR/I Models: Remove screw (with lockwasher) and nylon flat washer from rear of passenger pillion. Pull pillion rearward to remove pillion from motorcycle. Retain screw (with lockwasher) and nylon washer. Remove seat mounting studs securing rider seat to fender. Remove seat from motorcycle. For FLHRC/I, FLHX and FLHRS/I Models: Remove screw (with lockwasher) and nylon flat washer from rear of the seat. Pull seat rearward to remove seat from motorcycle. Retain screw (with lockwasher) and nylon washer.
  4. Remove rear seat bracket from the stock seat if the accessory seat does not have a rear seat bracket.
1. See Figure 1. Secure new grab strap to left side of vehicle by assembling forward saddlebag mounting bracket and bolt to vehicle in same orientation as they were removed. Tighten bolt enough to hold assembly in place.
2. Install stock rear seat bracket on new seat.
3. Install new seat making certain that bracket on front of seat fully engages into seat mounting tab on frame.
After installing seat, pull upward on seat to be sure it is locked in position. While riding, a loose seat can shift causing loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00070b)
4. Secure seat onto rear fender using nylon washer and screw (with lockwasher) removed earlier.
5. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 under Removal and Step 1 under Installation for right side of motorcycle.
6. Install saddlebags and secure using original bail studs.
7. Tighten forward saddlebag mounting bolts to 13.5 N·m (120 in-lbs).
1Stock screw
2Stock washer
3Grab strap
4Saddlebag mounting bracket
Figure 1. Remove and Install Grab Strap