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Kit Contents
This kit consists of a new radio trim piece and these instructions. There are no service parts available for this kit.
Figure 1. Radio Trim
To prevent accidental vehicle start-up, which could cause death or serious injury, remove main fuse before proceeding. (00251b)
  • For vehicles equipped with security siren: With security fob present, turn ignition switch ON. After system is disarmed, turn ignition switch OFF. IMMEDIATELY remove the main fuse per the owner's manual.
  • For vehicles WITHOUT security siren: See the owner's manual to remove the main fuse.
  • Make sure that ambient temperature is between 21 °C (70 °F) and 38 °C (100 °F) for proper adhesion. Do not install below 10 °C (50 °F).
  • Allow AT LEAST 24 hours after application before exposing the area to vigorous washing, strong water spray or extreme weather.
  • The adhesive bond will increase to maximum strength after about 72 hours at normal room temperature.
1. See Figure 1. With the protective tape still in place on the adhesive backing, test fit the radio trim to the radio bezel.
2. If the trim slips easily behind the ignition switch knob, proceed to Step 4.
Failure to follow knob removal and installation procedures can result in misalignment requiring dealer service.
3. If the trim DOES NOT slip easily behind the ignition switch knob, remove the ignition switch knob before installing the radio trim. To remove the ignition switch knob:
a. Insert the ignition switch key and turn to the UNLOCK position. Leave the key installed.
b. See Figure 2. Rotate knob to FORK LOCK.
c. Press and hold the release button at the bottom left side of the knob. Turn the key 60 degrees counterclockwise.
d. Lift knob to remove. A spring drops out of the bore on the underside when removed. Retain for reassembly.
e. DO NOT rotate the switch to other positions while knob is removed.
Figure 2. Ignition Switch Knob Release Button (Top and Bottom Views)
4. Clean the radio bezel mounting surface with a mixture of 50 percent isopropyl alcohol and 50 percent distilled water. Allow to dry completely.
5. Remove the protective tape. Install the trim to the radio bezel.
6. Press firmly with a sliding pressure to make sure that there is good adhesion.
7. If the ignition switch knob was removed: Install the ignition switch knob.
a. Place the spring (saved earlier) into the bore on the underside of the knob.
b. See Figure 2. Verify that the button at the bottom of the knob is pressed, and key is turned 60 degrees counterclockwise from the UNLOCK position.
c. With the knob pointing toward the FORK LOCK position, insert the shaft into the ignition switch.
d. Hold the knob down. Turn the key clockwise to the UNLOCK position. An audible "click" is heard when knob and switch are properly engaged.
e. Release the knob. Rotate through all four switch positions to verify proper operation. If knob does not install properly, contact a Harley-Davidson dealer.