Kit Number
12700024 - 3AAA Tactical LED Flashlight with Safety Strobe
12700025 - 2AAA Pen Light with Fiber Optic Pointer
12700022 - 12V Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Safety Strobe
Kit Contents
This kit contains one LED light with batteries.
OPERATION (Part No. 12700024 & 12700025)
  • OPERATION: To turn on light, press the switch on the end cap, opposite the lens. If the light has more than one setting, press the switch to advance through each setting. Once all of the settings have been reached, the light will turn off. Press the switch again to turn the light off.
  • LOCK-OUT SWITCH: The lock-out switch protects the flashlight from turning on unintentionally and discharging the battery. To turn on the light, rotate the end-cap clockwise as far as possible, and press the switch. To lock-out the switch, rotate the end cap 1-2 turns counterclockwise, until the light will not turn on using the switch.
  • FOCUS CONTROL (Part No. 12700024 Only): Rotate the head of the light (the end with the LEDs) to adjust the beam from spot to flood.
MAINTENANCE (Part No. 12700024 & 12700025)
BATTERY REPLACEMENT: Unscrew the end cap and remove the old batteries. Insert new batteries into the flashlight with the positive (pointed) end of the battery toward the lens. Replace the end cap.
  • Use only branded batteries.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries, or different brands of batteries.
  • Dispose of batteries properly. Do not incinerate batteries or otherwise expose them to heat.
  • The flashlight is not waterproof - keep it dry.
  • Periodically rub a light coat of petroleum jelly onto the o-ring seals to preserve their life.
  • Remove the batteries when storing for a long period of time.
OPERATION (Part No. 12700022)
  • OPERATION: To turn on flashlight, press the switch on the side of the body. Press the switch to advance to the safety strobe setting. Pressing the switch again will turn the light off.
  • BATTERY LIFE: The battery has an operation time of 2 hrs depending on the setting used.
CHARGING BATTERIES (Part No. 12700022)
This Harley-Davidson® flashlight is designed and approved to be used in Harley-Davidson® motorcycle cigarette lighters. Do NOT power other electrical devices using the cigarette lighter.
Only plug the flashlight into the motorcycle's fairing if it's equipped with a cigarette lighter. The flashlight is designed to "snap" into the base of Harley-Davidson® cigarette ports. Standard 12V accessory power ports do not have this retention feature and there is risk that your flashlight could fall out.
Make sure the flashlight is fully seated in the cigarette lighter when charging to prevent it from falling out or causing cosmetic contact damage if the handlebars are turned to full left stop.
  • To recharge the flashlight, insert it into vehicle's 12V cigarette lighter or power port. The flashlight will fully recharge in 4 hours when the ignition switch is in the IGN or ACC positions.
  • When the flashlight is charging, a faint red light will glow through the lens.
  • When charging is complete, the red light will turn off.
  • The flashlight is designed to protect both the light and vehicle from overcharging. If left plugged in, it will not drain the vehicle's battery.
  • The flashlight is not waterproof - keep it dry.