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Kit Contents
There are no service parts available with this kit.
1. Clean the fender scuff kit mounting area thoroughly with a solution of equal parts water and isopropyl alcohol. Allow to dry throughly.
The left and right panels are embossed with "Left" and "Right".
2. See Figure 1. Obtain the right fender scuff panel. Do not remove the adhesive tape backing from the panel.
3. See Figure 2. Position the panel (1) approximately 1/4 inch above the leading edge of the fender.
4. See Figure 3. Hold the inner half of the panel (1) in place while removing the adhesive tape backing (2) from the outer half of the panel.
5. Carefully adhere the outer half of the panel to the fender. Press from the inward side to the outward side of the panel to make a firm bond.
6. Remove the adhesive tape backing from the inner half and adhere the inner half to the fender.
7. Repeat for the left side fender scuff panel.
8. Allow AT LEAST 24 hours after applying the scuff panels before operating vehicle or exposing the area to vigorous washing, strong water spray or extreme weather.
1Right fender scuff panel.
Figure 1. Fender Scuff Panels
1Fender scuff panel.
Figure 2. Fender Scuff Panel Positioning
1Fender scuff panel.
2Adhesive tape backing.
Figure 3. Removing Adhesive Tape Backing