Kit Numbers
54292-11, 50300009
For model fitment information, see the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only).
Additional Parts Required
Separate purchase of additional parts or accessories may be required for proper installation of this luggage rack on this model motorcycle. See the P&A retail catalog or the Parts and Accessories section of (English only) for a list of required parts or accessories for this model.
Tools and Supplies Required
Loctite® 271 Threadlocker and Sealant - Red (H-D Part No. 99671-97) is required for the proper installation of this kit. This item is available from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
Kit Contents
See Figure 1 and Table 1.
Cover the rear fender with an H-D Service Cover or clean shop towel to prevent scratching the finish.
Rigid Mount Sideplates Only
  1. See Figure 1. Loosen front two 3/8-16 TORX screws that attach rigid mount sideplates (A).
  2. Loosen and remove rear two sideplate screws.
  3. Raise sissy bar/sideplate assembly to gain access to screws (2) that attach sissy bar (B) to sideplates.
Rigid and Detachable Sideplates
1. Remove and discard four button head TORX screws (2) that attach sissy bar to sideplates.
2. Position luggage rack (1) between the sideplates.
3. Apply Loctite 271 - Red to new TORX screws (2) from kit, and insert screws through holes in luggage rack, sideplate and sissy bar. Tighten screws to 16.3 N·m (12 ft-lbs).
Rigid Mount Sideplates Only
4. Return sissy bar/sideplates to the normal position.
Thoroughly remove all existing threadlocking agent from fastener and mounting hole threads before applying new threadlocking agent.
5. Apply Loctite 271 - Red to the clean threads of the rear two TORX screws that attach rigid mount sideplates to motorcycle. Install rear two sideplate screws finger-tight.
6. Remove, clean and apply Loctite to the front two screws, and install.
7. Tighten the front and rear screws to 28.5–36.6 N·m (21–27 ft-lbs).
Maximum luggage rack weight capacity is 4.5 kg (10 lb)
Do not use this rack as a seat.
Do not exceed luggage rack weight capacity. Too much weight can cause loss of control, which could result in death or serious injury. (00373a)
Service Parts
Figure 1. Service Parts, Detachable Air Wing Luggage Rack
Table 1. Service Parts
Description (Quantity)
Part Number
Luggage rack (1)
Not sold separately
Screw, button head TORX®,
1/4-20 x 19 mm (¾ in) long (4)
Items mentioned in text, but not included in kit:
Sissy bar