Trigger Switch
See Figure 1. Vehicle off: Press the trigger switch (1) to display the accumulated mileage on the Instrument Module (IM). Vehicle in accessory/ignition mode: Press the trigger switch to cycle through the odometer functions. Refer to Table 1.
High Beam
See Figure 1. Press the high beam switch (2) to activate the high beam. The (blue) high beam indicator lamp is lit when the high beam is on. Refer to Table 1.
Low Beam/Flash to Pass
Low beam: See Figure 1. Press the bottom of the low beam/flash to pass switch (3) to activate the low beam.
Flash to pass: When the low beam switch is on, press and release the flash to pass switch to flash the high beam before passing another vehicle. The high beam indicator lamp on the instrument cluster is illuminated as long as the flash to pass switch is pressed.
When in accessory, press the flash to pass switch to activate the headlamp. Refer to Table 1.
Voice Recognition Switch
See Figure 1. The voice recognition switch (4) activates voice recognition features on a connected device (if supported). With a headset connected, press the voice command switch. Speak the desired command into the headset microphone.
Cruise Control Switch
See Figure 1. The CRUISE/SET/RESUME switch (5) automatically regulates the speed of the vehicle. See Operation → Cruise Control for detailed operation.
CRUISE: Press the CRUISE switch straight in to enable cruise control. The cruise control indicator is displayed green without speed setting. Pressing the CRUISE switch again turns off cruise control and indicator.
SET/-: With cruise control enabled, press SET/- to set the cruising speed. The cruise indicator will now have the green set speed shown next to it. While at cruising speed, press SET/- to decrease the regulated speed.
RESUME/+: If cruise control is disengaged (such as a braking event), press RESUME/+ to resume the previous cruising speed. While at cruising speed, press RESUME/+ to increase speed.
Play/Pause/Volume/Previous/Next Switch
See Figure 1. The Play/Pause/Volume/Previous/Next (6) five-way switch operates radio features.
Play/Pause: Press the Play/Pause switch straight in to pause or resume audio.
Volume: Press the switch up to increase volume or down to decrease volume.
Previous/Next : Press the switch to the left or right to seek up/down to select the previous/next media file.
Left Turn Signal
Activate: See Figure 1. Press the left turn signal switch (7) to activate the left turn signal. Refer to Table 1.
Manual Operation: Press the left turn signal switch to cancel the right turn signal.
Automatic Operation: The turn signal lamps automatically cancel when a full turn has been detected based on speed, acceleration and turn completion.
The lamps also cancel if the turn signal has been activated for a prolonged period (20 flashes) while the motorcycle speed is greater than 7 mph (11 km/h). If the motorcycle is stopped or moving slower than this speed, the turn signal continues flashing.
Front turn signal lamps also function as running lamps. This feature may not be available in all markets.
See Figure 1. The horn is operated by pressing the horn switch (8). The horn can be activated for up to 10 seconds at a time. If the horn switch is held for a longer period, the horn automatically deactivates. Refer to Table 1.
Traction Control Switch
See Figure 1. The traction control switch (9) activates and deactivates the traction control system. Refer to Table 1.
Disable: Press switch for 1 s with propulsion enabled and vehicle stopped.
Enable: Press switch at anytime to resume traction control operation.
1Trigger switch
2High beam
3Low beam/flash to pass
4Voice recognition
5Cruise control
7Left turn signal
9Traction control
Figure 1. Left Hand Control Module
Table 1. Left-Hand Control Switches
Press the switch to alternate odometer displays.
High beam
Press the switch to switch the headlamp to high beam.
Low beam/
flash to pass
Press the switch to switch the headlamp to low beam.
Press and release to flash the high beam.
In ACC, press to activate the headlamp.
Voice recognition
Initiates a voice recognition session on connected device (if supported).
Cruise control
Three-way switch, operates cruise control functions.
Five-way switch, operates music functions.
Left turn
Press the switch to signal a left turn.
Press the switch to sound the horn.
Traction control
Press the switch to deactivate and activate traction control.