Hazard Warning 4-Way Flasher
See Figure 1. The hazard switch (1) is used to leave a stranded motorcycle in the 4-way flashing mode. With the flashers, the motorcycle can be left with the ignition off until assistance is found. Refer to Table 1.
  1. With the OFF/RUN switch in the RUN position, press on the hazard warning triangle to activate the 4-way flashers.
  2. NOTE
    • The fob must be present when turning on the 4-way flashers and when canceling the flashers.
    • The four-way flashers will operate when the vehicle is tipped over regardless of OFF/RUN switch position. See Operation → Starting after Tipover.
  3. Turn OFF/RUN switch to the OFF position. The 4-way flashers continue for 2 hours or until cancelled by the rider.
  4. To cancel, turn the OFF/RUN switch to the RUN position. Press the warning triangle above the start switch.
See Figure 1. Press the OFF/RUN switch to OFF (2) to disable propulsion. Refer to Table 1.
See Figure 1. Push the OFF/RUN switch to RUN (3) to enable start switch. The OFF/RUN switch must be in the RUN position to enable propulsion. Refer to Table 1.
Right Turn Signal
See Figure 1. Press the right turn signal switch (4) to activate the right turn signal. Refer to Table 1.
Manual Operation: Press the right turn signal switch to cancel the right turn signal.
Automatic Operation: The turn signal lamps automatically cancel when a full turn has been detected based on speed, acceleration and turn completion.
The lamps also cancel if the turn signal has been activated for a prolonged period (20 flashes) while the motorcycle speed is greater than 7 mph (11 km/h). If the motorcycle is stopped or moving slower than this speed, the turn signal continues flashing.
Front turn signal lamps also function as running lamps. This feature may not be available in all markets.
Cursor/Select Switch
See Figure 1. The CURSOR/SELECT five-way switch (5) operates Instrument Module (IM) features. Refer to Table 1.
SELECT: Press the SELECT switch straight in to select or toggle a feature on the IM.
CURSOR: Press the switch in the desired direction to move the selection on the IM.
MODE switch
See Figure 1. Press the MODE switch (6) to cycle through and select the desired ride mode. Refer to Table 1.
See Figure 1. The start switch (7) is on the right handlebar control module. Refer to Table 1.
  1. Switch the OFF/RUN switch to the RUN position (3). See Operation → Starting Motorcycle.
  2. NOTE
    Start switch must be held for a minimum of one second to activate propulsion.
  3. Press the start switch (7) to activate propulsion.
1Hazard warning
4 Right turn signal
5 Cursor/select
7 Start
Figure 1. Right Hand Switch Module
Table 1. Right Hand Control Switches
Press to activate the 4-way flashers.
Press to turn off power.
Press to turn on power.
Right turn
Press to signal a right turn.
Five-way switch, operates instrument functions.
Press to cycle through and select ride modes.
Press to enable propulsion.