60 Months/Unlimited Miles
The Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) consists of the high voltage lithium battery. See Service Manual for details on the RESS and service procedures.
LiveWire warrants for any new LiveWire Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) that an Authorized LiveWire Dealer will repair or replace without charge any parts on your motorcycle that malfunction or fail during normal use during the applicable coverage period due to an issue with factory supplied materials or factory workmanship. Such repair or replacement of failed parts will be LiveWire's sole obligation (including a factory certified RESS as an option for replacement) and your sole and exclusive remedy under this limited warranty. This limited warranty applies only for the duration identified below.
No person, including LiveWire dealers, may modify, extend or waive any part of this warranty. As a condition of this warranty, you are responsible for properly using, maintaining, and caring for your motorcycle as outlined in your Owner’s Manual. LiveWire recommends that you maintain copies of all maintenance records and receipts.
THE LIMITED WARRANTY ABOVE AND THIS LIMITED RESS WARRANTY ARE THE ONLY EXPRESS WARRANTIES ON THE MOTORCYCLE. Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose is limited to the duration of the express warranty, or to the duration set forth in your state’s warranty statutes, whichever is shorter. Any implied warranty is not transferred to subsequent purchasers/buyers of the motorcycle.
The implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose does not apply if your motorcycle is used for racing, even if the motorcycle is equipped for racing. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
LiveWire and your dealer are not responsible for any time or income that you lose, any inconvenience, the loss of your transportation or use of your motorcycle, the cost of a rental motorcycle, travel, meals, or lodging, or for any other incidental or consequential damages you may have.
Punitive, exemplary, or multiple damages may not be recovered unless applicable law prohibits their disclaimer.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.
This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state (Country/Market/Region). Decisions based on state lemon laws, state arbitration awards and/or dispute resolution awards supersede Company policy.
The following terms and conditions apply to this limited warranty:
  1. The Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) warranty is 60-months starting from the date the VIN is registered.
  2. Any unexpired portion of this limited warranty will be transferred to subsequent owners, upon the resale of the motorcycle during the limited warranty period.
Other Limitations
To obtain warranty service, return your motorcycle at your expense within the limited warranty period to an authorized LiveWire Dealer. The Authorized LiveWire Dealer should be able to provide warranty service during normal business hours, depending upon the workload of the authorized dealer’s service department and the availability of necessary parts. Note that due to the vehicle’s features and components, the diagnosis may take longer and some replacement parts may take longer than traditional replacement parts to obtain. Specifically, the RESS is a lithium ion battery which requires special shipping and may require up to five (5) business days to receive.
The RESS will exhibit capacity degradation over time as a result of both physical and chemical design limitations. Factors such as high temperature, high charge/discharge rates, or extended time at low state of charge (SOC) conditions. The battery may degrade as much as 20% of original capacity over the warranty period (5 years). This condition is not considered a warranty condition or failure but a normal characteristic of a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
This limited warranty will not apply to any RESS where there is evidence or failure due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance or unapproved modifications or:
  1. Which has been tampered with in any manner whereby the original RESS case has noticeable mechanical tampering evidence, including:
    1. Opening or attempting to open the case of the RESS. The RESS is not a customer serviceable component (or dealer service); no attempt should be made to open the RESS.
    2. Any products tampered with, modified, adjusted, or repaired by any unauthorized party, including the owner or a non-Authorized LiveWire Dealer.
    3. Any damage caused or resulting from the use of inappropriate tools.
  2. Unauthorized reprogramming of the RESS electronic controller, or any other vehicle controller. This includes any modification that changes the charge rate into the RESS that is not factory specific.
  3. Failure to maintain the RESS State-of-Charge above zero percent.
  4. Which has been modified or evidence of impact deforming the RESS housing or surrounding chassis protection.
  5. Which has not been operated or maintained as specified in the Owner’s Manual.
  6. On which any additional accessory has been installed by the owner which causes defect of additional parts, or condition that negatively affects the designed performance.
  7. Which has a damaged or altered on board charger (OBC) that no longer allows the EVSE to properly be secured, including.
    1. adaptors not approved for use on the vehicle.
    2. home-made – non-branded and aftermarket adaptors.
    3. vehicle inlet assembly (charge port) tampering.
  8. Which has been in an accident, collision, dropped or struck.
  9. Which has been subjected to an act of God, war, riot, insurrection, nuclear contamination, natural disasters, including, but not limited to, lightning, forest fires, dust storms, hail storms, ice storms, earthquakes, or floods, or other circumstances out of LiveWire’s control.
  10. Which has been subjected to extended storage of the motorcycle at excessive (hot or cold) ambient temperatures which can cause accelerated battery cell capacity degradation.
  1. Which has not been properly and regularly charged with an approved charger and provided Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).
  2. Warranty coverage of an RESS which has been exposed to extreme weather conditions (above 60°C (140°F) or below -40°C (-40°F)) for a prolonged period of time without proper maintenance, charging, or storage could be at risk for permanent loss of range or state of health (SoH).
Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) - Factory Certified
LiveWire may at times use a factory certified RESS as a warranty replacement component. All factory certified parts are inspected and tested for quality. Replacement parts and products are covered for the remaining period of the limited warranty for the vehicle’s original RESS. When making warranty repairs on your motorcycle, the dealer will use new LiveWire parts or remanufactured/reconditioned parts that are authorized by LiveWire, at the discretion of LiveWire. Nothing in this limited warranty should be construed as requiring failed parts to be replaced with new parts, or parts of a different type or design than the original part, so long as the vehicle functions properly with the replacement part. Moreover, LiveWire and its authorized dealers are entitled to a reasonable time and a reasonable number of attempts within which to diagnose and repair any failure covered by this limited warranty.
If a factory certified RESS is available for customer purchase (non-warranty) this option will be made available at a reduced cost from the cost of a new RESS.
Pro-rated Warranty Coverage
LiveWire reserves the right to supply a factory certified RESS with a Pro-Rated SOH for a RESS that has depleted some useful life during normal operation of the vehicle beyond design expectations.
LiveWire will not apply a pro-rated amount within the first 24 months after the vehicle is first put into service. After the 24-months has expired, LiveWire reserves the right to apply SOH proration up to 20% under conditions where the battery exhibits capacity degradation over time as a result of both physical and chemical aging under normal vehicle use.
If the RESS is completely non-functioning (the vehicle is unable to be ridden due to the RESS failure) the RESS will be replaced with a new RESS. If the RESS is functioning (the vehicle can be ridden), but at a diminished level beyond design expectations, the pro-ration of SOH will be applied based on the remaining useable life of the RESS.
The state of health (SOH) and charge will be determined during dealer diagnostic evaluation based on the history of the vehicle and the RESS data. The pro-rated amount will be disclosed at the time of authorization for replacement with the dealer.
Pro-ration will be applied at 10% increments and will always favor the customer.
Where a RESS has been replaced, the customer will receive the remaining warranty on the original RESS.