Follow this procedure to safely deactivate electrical system.
Deactivate the electrical system whenever you perform maintenance on your motorcycle or need to disconnect/replace the battery.
Deactivate Electrical System
1. Ensure the FOB is present.
2. Remove top cover. See Service Procedures → Top Cover.
3. Place OFF/RUN switch in RUN position.
4. See Figure 1. Disconnect TCU connector (5-wire), if equipped
5. Disconnect siren from inside of battery cover, if equipped.
6. Place OFF/RUN switch in OFF position.
7. See Figure 2. Remove rear cover.
vehicle OFF/RUN switch should be in OFF position for at least five minutes before Onboard Charger (OBC) connector is disconnected.
8. See Figure 3. Disconnect OBC power connector.
Disconnect the battery if needed. See Service Procedures → Battery Replacement.
Perform maintenance as needed.
Reactivate Electrical System
Ensure the OFF/RUN switch is set back to the OFF position and FOB is present.
1. Connect TCU connector.
2. Connect siren (if equipped).
3. Connect OBC connector.
4. Install the rear cover.
5. Install top cover.
1TCU connector (5-wire)
Figure 1. TCU connector
3Rear cover
Figure 2. Rear Cover (typical)
1OBC power connector
Figure 3. OBC connector