For electrical problems, see an authorized LiveWire dealer who has the necessary parts and equipment to perform electrical services.
Removing/Replacing Main Fuse
For removing or replacing the main fuse, see your authorized LiveWire dealer.
Replacing System/ABS Fuses
1. Set OFF/RUN switch to OFF.
2. Remove top cover. See Service Procedures → Top Cover.
3. See Figure 1. Remove fuse block from caddy on motorcycle.
4. Remove the cover from the fuse block.
5. See Figure 2. Remove the suspect fuse and inspect the element. Replace the fuse if the element is burned or separated.
6. Install the fuse block cover so the tabs snap into place.
7. Install fuse block to caddy.
8. Install top cover. See Service Procedures → Top Cover.
1Fuse block
Figure 1. Fuse Block and Cover
1System (10 A)
2Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) (10 A)
3Main (40 A)
4Fuse block
Figure 2. Fuse Block