This owner's manual contains your new motorcycle limited warranty and your owner's maintenance record.
It is your responsibility as the owner to follow the maintenance schedule at the mileage intervals as specified in the owner's manual. All of the specified maintenance services must be performed on schedule to keep your limited warranty valid.
Some countries, states or other locations may require all regular maintenance and service work to be done by an authorized LiveWire dealer for your limited warranty to remain in effect. Check with your authorized LiveWire dealer for local requirements.
  1. Make an appointment with a LiveWire dealer for inspection and service prior to the first 1,609 km (1000 mi), and as soon as possible after any issue arises.
  2. Bring this owner's manual with you when you visit your authorized LiveWire dealer to have your motorcycle inspected and serviced.
  3. Have the dealer technician sign the maintenance record in the owner's manual at the proper mileage interval. These records should be retained by the owner as proof of proper maintenance.
  4. Keep receipts covering any parts, service or maintenance performed.
These records should be transferred to each subsequent owner.
While you may elect to use non genuine LiveWire parts for maintenance and/or repair services, LiveWire is not obligated to pay for repairs of the non genuine LiveWire parts or for repairs of any damage resulting from the use of non genuine parts.
LiveWire authorized dealerships are independently owned and operated and may sell and install parts and accessories that are not manufactured or approved by LiveWire for use on your motorcycle. Therefore, you should understand that LiveWire is not and cannot be responsible for the quality, suitability, or safety of any non-LiveWire part, accessory or design modification, including labor, which may be sold and/or installed by authorized LiveWire dealerships.